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  1. Dude seriously, every band has excessive time during sets, these are usually filled during jams, solos, jokes, or just blabbering with the crowd. A band averages 15-20 songs per set How much time are they assigned? usually 80-120 mins. How will they fill that time with just songs? how can Matt Bellamy sing 22+ songs without break here and then, I dont think he could... its called re-energizing and I do agree they need more smooth tranisitions but you cant expect them to go, song, song, song, song, break, song, song, song, song break.... etc etc
  2. wow you're a bunch of pompous whiny poms. All bands have generic setlists, why songs remain on their? a. it pleases the crowd. b. it becomes soo natural they dont even have to enjoy the song/ worry about mistakes c. shaky setlists mean no quick transitions, change of stage plans, lighting etc. its more than a band that has to deal with a setlist... jeesus ur a bunch of pooftas, grow up you 12 year olds. Be grateful your spoilt country is seeing the damn album..
  3. Did Matt ever suffer anorexia around 1999-2001? he looked soo skinny, even skinnier than some guys diagnosed with anorexia:(
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