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  1. So does this mean it does exist on DVD?! Or is it just some Cover Art?
  2. As a new Muse fan, I watched Glastonbury from the comfort of my living room, and whilst watching in both amazement and wonder, a thought popped into my head: What if this were on DVD and/or CD? I thought my prayers might be answered by backtracking Muse's Tours, and I found that some of the Absolution Tour was done at Glastonbury, and I was hoping that it would come to be a new Album for the Band, much like HAARP. I wish, but alas, this may never come true. I was wondering if I could get any input into this topic, as for all we know, by just saying we want it to be real, it may be made so. So I urge you: PLEASE HELP ME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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