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  1. We also didn't like the spitting or the hand gestures. The sound mix wasn't very good either so it was almost impossible to make out any of the words being sung by Ritzy. We were relieved to see that a section of flooring was removed by the stage hands after the support finished; didn't like to think of Matt or Chris walking about in all that phlegm; yuk! Muse were brilliant of course. Loved the bass going through us during Follow Me!
  2. Second Muse gig for us (first one was LCCC); we got lucky with the ticket lottery, and ended up one row back from the barrier on Matt's side (and that was through luck too since we only got to the main doors at 17:50). Sorry, won't be rushing out to get The Joy Formidable's new album when it comes out. Could barely hear Ritzy's voice, and got sick and tired of Rhydian's spitting. Moving on... Fantastic gig from Muse; loved everything they did! Great light show too. Highlights for us included Time is Running Out and (strangely) Survival, which we didn't much like first time we heard it. We had a really good view of Matt for much of the time, and Chris when he came over to our side. Dom seemed a long way back though. Tried to take photos with my old digital compact, but not great results; I wished I had had been able to take a decent camera in. Didn't like the camera boom that kept partially blocking our view (although the pictures from it were great). And finally, to end on a positive note, we thought that the pyramid was spectacular. What a great night out in Manchester.
  3. The only problem I had was that the total for my three Manchester tickets that I wanted (and I hasten to add that they are for personal use, not for touting!) wouldn't display when using Internet Explorer, so I switched to Firefox and all was fine. I was very pleased to be notified in the early hours today that I was successful, so I guess I was lucky. So no complaints from me really, although I agree that it was a lottery and wouldn't stop touts from buying up tickets for profit. Last time around I failed to get a ticket for Manchester through official sources (despite having a ticket 'in my basket' during the final release but being unable to pay for it quickly enough) so had to resort to a well known auction site. But I was lucky to find a ticket being sold for genuine reasons that only cost the face value plus a proportion of the booking and credit card fees. Overall, this presale definitely worked for me. But I can understand the disappointment if you were unsuccessful; Muse is, afterall, one of, if not the greatest band(s) ever!
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