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  1. kingfisher0263

    Ticket prices

    Depends where your seat was in the stadium Sam. Different price bands for different positions. usually closer to the stage are dearer. To be fair Ashton Gate was so compact I would think everybody had a decent view wherever they were. It looked about half the size of London Stadium!
  2. kingfisher0263

    Ticket prices

    I didn't think the support acts were that bad for the stadium gigs. Tom Morello was excellent and Pale Waves were much better than I was expecting. Certainly better than Dizzy Rascal and Lily Allen!!
  3. kingfisher0263

    Ticket prices

    I bet you loved the gig though Ivan. I was there and it was one of the best gig experiences I've ever had being in such an intimate venue and so close to the band. I came out well pleased that I'd got a ticket and been there.
  4. kingfisher0263

    Ticket prices

    Unfortunately this is the price you have to pay now for massive bands putting on spectacular, exciting shows with big effects and visuals. Tickets for U2 last year were over £200 for seats but it was still sold out. I guess you make a decision based on your disposable income but there'll always be people happy to pay whatever's necessary.
  5. Sorry to hear that Swareham123, I was very lucky getting mine but appreciate the anxiety that's created when you know you're 'against the clock'. Hope you get something in the general sale, but it'll be pot luck with the increased volume of people trying. Don't give up too early though, keep re-searching as the tickets are allocated and released again continually, so you just need to search at the exact right time. That's how I got mine today just at the point I was about to give up. Good luck!!!
  6. That explains why there wasn't any seats available for the website pre-sale then, they'd already gone in the album pre-sale!! Wish I'd known that beforehand, could have got tickets much earlier than I did and saved a few hours stress!! Still, at least I 've got some unlike others less fortunate. I'm still going to take a look at the O2 pre-sale tomorrow though, that must be new seats or there won't be anything to sell!
  7. It should be even better indoors as we won't be waiting for the sun to go down. At London and Bristol it just seemed to go to another level when it was darker. Can't wait again!!
  8. Did anybody use the website pre-sale? I switched pre-sales dead on 1pm to see if there were more seats available but it looked like it was already sold out and I didn't get offered any? Just wondering if it started earlier than 1pm.
  9. I was offered tickets almost behind the stage too but wanted to be in front. I've already seen the show and a lot of the visuals and effects need to be seen to be believed. I'm not sure how effective they'll be from that close to the stage. I might be wrong though. I know what you mean about the panic that sets in when you see the seats disappearing so quickly, I thought I might have blown it and left it too late, but perseverance paid off in the end luckily!! I'm at the back but think that will be better for the overall visuals. Hope your seat's o.k. though, if you haven't seen it yet, the show's amazing!!
  10. Don't give up folks, got sent a code at 9.15am and literally just got 2 seated tickets for the O2, but had to keep re-searching, probably 100 plus times. Tickets get reserved and released all the time so keep trying. At least I can relax now!!
  11. Ditto here Annie, literally just got a code but now can't get to the tickets!! Extremely frustrating!!
  12. There's no doubt something has gone wrong Annie as it's the same chaos as for the stadium gigs pre-sales. You would have thought it would have been sorted by now but obviously not. Just makes you feel cheated when promises are made, you follow the instructions in good faith but still don't get a code. It's obviously not the band's fault, they're probably not even aware there's a problem, but someone, somewhere is responsible and should be accountable for the stress, anxiety and upset being caused.
  13. I'm sure everybody on here has the site code but as Muse fanatics we all want the best possible chance and I'm afraid Warner have made a right cock-up of the CD purchase codes!! Still, let's hope we all get a ticket somehow!! Good luck everyone!
  14. Racemonkey has, but the only one so far. Not looking good for the rest of us I'm afraid!!
  15. You'll find when the pre-sale starts there will be an option for you to use your code. Congratulations on receiving one, you're obviously one of the 'chosen few' !
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