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  1. Hey all, Anyone have any info on the opener for this show yet? Can't wait, caught them in NY a few years back and this is going to be better! Cat
  2. Thanks for the info agenthal! I should be able to get there for around then. Here's to hoping the traffic isn't too bad heading in... I'll keep my fingers crossed. Now I just have to figure out how not to need to use the bathroom for 10 hours
  3. Can I add a write in vote for Easily? Also, for any of you out there who have gone to 100 shows, this is my first one and alas I'll be driving from RI that day, so an early am wait is not possible. I know its not an exact science, but can anyone give me an idea of what time I need to get there by to get kinda close to the stage? Thanks!
  4. Wow, the writing a book ideas rock! JessicaSarahS, I especially like the ???? step, it leaves room for so many possibilities
  5. Notsomuch... if you do get famous, remember that I inspired you. I'll add to my list and offer to check for STDs at the backstage entrance. OH SNAP! Too bad no one says "oh snap" anymore... it was ALMOST funny. 1/2 credit maybe
  6. Finally got tix to the Uniondale show and I am WAY too excited to see them in perform live for the first time. As a result, I have developed a list of what I'd be willing to do to get backstage. 1.Dress as a “furry”; willing to do bear, goat, or chicken – no easter bunny costumes, that would just be creepy 2.Play “Butterflies and Hurricanes” faster than the speed of sound on my ukulele 3.Watch every episode of Fraggle Rock. OK, I was going to do this anyway, but I figured two birds, one stone, and one happy Duckhunt dog. Not that I care whether the Duckhunt dog approves, but when he laughs at me I get SO ANGRY…. Better to keep us both happy. 4.Introduce Matt to the world’s tallest midget 5.Promise to tell the fellas that The Resistance is the best album I’ve heard since Spiceworld. 6.Allow each member of the group to touch my prized possession: my original “Alf for President” shirt. Just wondering if anyone else had any brilliant (aka, fake) ideas...
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