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  1. I may well have been one of the oldest Muse fans there on 26th (67 years old) but I was stood up with the rest of them in the upper tier seated area for the whole show, singing and jumping up and down. How can ANYONE not do this at a Muse gig!!!
  2. Thanks - he came out of hospital today so I will have to show him my pics and vids which I took!!
  3. Great pics! How did you manage to get tickets for all those shows??
  4. No that wasn't me. I was in Block 118 level with the stage on the left of the stage as you look at it. I'm 66 but don't act it and I felt like a 20+ year old. My husband was in hospital for a small op but insisted that I went (I would have done anyway).
  5. I was probably one of the oldest people there but have been a Muse fan from the start and have always wanted to see them. Cost me quite a bit for the ticket, train fare from Dorset and hotel but it was worth it and more!! What an awesome show and Matt's voice is incredible. Had a great seat at the side of the stage although I was stood up jumping about most of the time. Have got some vids and will try and post on here.
  6. I've never seen them and have been desperately trying to get a Level 2 ticket near the stage but without success (unless I paid about £170 for it) so I wouldn't mind what they sang. If anyone has a ticket for sale, please contact me on lynmumford@aol.com
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