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  • Birthday 06/20/1994

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    I'll be big someday.
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    Torréon, Coahuila - Mexico
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    Playing Guitar, Piano reading, Musing Lol anything!
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    Hahaha Im more instructed into rock punk alternative, but I also enjoy most kind of genders :D
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    There are too many, mainly suspense or things like that.
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    Mainly Mtv or music channels, also I fucking love supernatural series :D
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    Idk any interesting book.
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    I only own (for the moment) Black Holes, Origins and The Resistance :) - Update, Now I own hullabaloo too :D
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    Im planning to attend to their next concert in mexico, only ofcourse if they make one ¬¬
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  1. Hey Rob ;) I'm alright, how's yourself?

    yeah I know you don't come often here don't you, come to chat sometimes there a lot of nice ppl in there that you can talk and make some friends,

    how's Torreon? Aqui el clima esta muy raro algunos dias llueve oh esta muy seco pero el calor es insoportable!... Y que estas en la prepa ?

    bueno nos vemos saludos! :chuckle: y que estes bien ablamos luego.

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