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  1. Hey guys i'm back :D

  2. Man. I saw your reply on the muse spliting thing. Bravo, I could have not said it better. :LOL:

  3. Estuve leyendo todo eso de U2 en sudamerica, y si tambien lei que snowpatrol seria el telonero en mexico Pero tmb en un foro mexicano estuve leyendo ciertas cosas de que si los pediamos mucho en http://www.ocesa.com.mx/index.php?option=com_propon ocesa, como el año pasado, habria una probabilidad de que se den una vuelta por mexico, y talvez hacer un show? Muse es el cuarto de las bandas mas pedidas para mexico, pero solo son como 774 votos, van ganando slipknot, megadeth y no se cuales otras, pero en fin Son solo suposiciones y esperanzas que tenemos los fans que aun no se nos pasa la desepcion de no haber podido ir al foro sol en el 2010 :/ Ojala y se les antojen los tacos y se den una vueltecita ya que andan en sudamerica
  4. Oigan meximuserss tengo una gran duda, hay varios rumores de que muse vendra a mexico en principios del 2011, o de que vendran como soporte de U2 , aunqe no sea lo mismo, de cualquier manera tengo que ir a verlos, es una necesidad verlos D: Alguien sabe si es cierto que vendran en el 2011?? No pude ir a el foro sol en el 2010 y me moriria por ir a wembley o a cualquier lugar pero aun soy menor de edad y no se puede Muchas gracias a la alma piadosa que me responda GRACIAS! Aguante muse:p
  5. Cada dia que pasa sufro mas, soy uno de esos infames sin suerte que no pudieron ir en abril a el foro sol, fue uno de los dias mas largos y dolorosos, changos D: Deseo con todas mis ganas que vuelvan a venir a mexico porque neta no creo poder salir de la republica para verlos, mis jefes jamas me dejarian , ya llevo buen dinero ahorrado, solo es cuestion de que quieran venir Alguien sabe si tienen planeado o tansiquiera si han considerado venir OTRAVEZ en el 2010? Porfavor respondan, cualquier indicio de que si, me calmara, porfa xD Y saludos a todos disculpen el drama pero no me perdono el hecho de no poder asistir en abril :/
  6. lol hahaha I asked because, before I joined the forum, muse tweeted a link to this forum, that had exclusive pre-sell tickets for the mexican gig. I was like wow O; We can get tickets before other people ññ

  7. hey lunamarie, how r ya?? = ) hace mucho que no hablamos!

  8. I think I am a little bit too much frightneded to even buy a pencil from ebay. It's too risky, so I wouldn't buy something that important as a muse ticket, I would be dying if I found out it was a scam... but not for the money, for acknowledging that I wont be able to rock with muse as I thought... Damn you scammers
  9. I liked screenager for itself but when I recently bought hullabaloo soundtrack I heard the live version and its way better (for me:p) cause of the piano arrangement, its like pow pow pow so dark so heavy haha Idk how to explain it, I guess you know what I mean. And btw I discovered recently piano thing, I didn't know about that beautiful piece since like a month ago I totally love it, matt has his unique way of playing piano.
  10. I like it, I didn't know "fans" hated it just because its not epic or special, lol. Kind of dumb if you ask me, might not be the coolest song but it isn't bad it has a nice and catchy rhythm and I dare someone to produce a song and tell me all is daisies and strawberries hahaha.
  11. hahaha, uhmm and about the concerts and stuff, do we get like promotions or something just for being in the forum? chances to win a meet and greet or something? D: I really really can't wait to see muse. They came like 7 months ago but I couldn't go to the show. What a bump, but im pretty sure that I wont miss that chance again.

  12. Uhmmm for example, tu que haces en esta pagina?? Aparte de chatear? haha

  13. hahahahahaha I was just bragging and being annoying xD, so what's new? You are like my only friend here lol, I still don't know how this thing works or what I can do here. D: can you help me?

  14. Thanks for de correction :p Yeah, right now im studing french lol I only know a few things.

    Bonjour! Comment Ça va?? Je m'appelle Roberto j'habite á mexico et je parle español et mon groupe préféré c'est muse, J'AIME MUSE :D

  15. Haha, cause for example USA is the biggest power in the world (right now), so English is international for the same thing, If you want to be "globalizated"? lol you need to know English cause now in days works here in mexico request to know at least 70 percent of English. But don't worrie its known that in a few years china will be the world biggest power so we'll be all speaking and talking like this $#/$#&/"$%/"%/"%#&(#/&

  16. I guess the proper translate would be "Espero que un dia pueda escribir tanto como lunamarie" hahaha did you know, Mexican laugh is "JAJAJAJA" instead of hahaha? HAHAHA xD. Sorry If I take too long answering the messages I randomly log in, in the forum cause I dont know when someone writes on my wall.

  17. and thanks for the congrats btw! :D

  18. Ohh I was born on june 20th and yeah Era and fue are both correct, you are actually really good! Im 16 now yay , how old are u?

  19. Si, estas hablando muy bien!. Felicidades, We must chatt more so me can talk more and see where we can Improve or correct or skills D:

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