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  1. Hi =)

    God, this is funny, we both reply months later! Lol We are very busy people eheheh

    Sure, my e mail is bea_cscd@hotmail.com ;)

    And agreed, the only reason i came here was because i listened to OoS and Abs all day long lol i hadnt been feeling the muse love in a while and then it hit me so hard again xD


    School is fine, lots of papers and i actualy have an exam next monday, but hopefully i'll pass (whats gonna be pretty hard since i studied about 7 pages lool)


    You are going to Germany?? Awesome! :D U should be excited! Where are you going exactly? Berlin?

    I'm actualy thinking about doing an inter rail, but its very expensive and i cant chose the cities i really want to visit, there are so many!! :S


    Sorry for being so late (again :p)

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