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  1. The last time muse came to toronto I had exams (what's with exam time shows?), but it works out this time! Can't wait! Does everyone have their tickets? I have to wait until the 13th to get mine.
  2. Hi =)

    God, this is funny, we both reply months later! Lol We are very busy people eheheh

    Sure, my e mail is bea_cscd@hotmail.com ;)

    And agreed, the only reason i came here was because i listened to OoS and Abs all day long lol i hadnt been feeling the muse love in a while and then it hit me so hard again xD


    School is fine, lots of papers and i actualy have an exam next monday, but hopefully i'll pass (whats gonna be pretty hard since i studied about 7 pages lool)


    You are going to Germany?? Awesome! :D U should be excited! Where are you going exactly? Berlin?

    I'm actualy thinking about doing an inter rail, but its very expensive and i cant chose the cities i really want to visit, there are so many!! :S


    Sorry for being so late (again :p)

  3. Hey!! So sorry that I'm now replying ridiculously late :p Wanna swap emails or something in case our love for Muse dies down again? haha Same thing happened to me, but I was listening to them just now and I thought I'd visit the board :)


    How are you?? How's school?


    I'm good, Uni's good. I'm going to Germany in May!! How cool is that?! haha I'm super excited :)

    I know what you mean about just listening to other bands, that happened to me with Florence + the Machine and Editors. But The Beatles are great and I like Nirvana :)


    Happy New Year! <3

  4. hi! did you get my reply?? :)

    Oh, and have a merry Christmas!! :D

  5. Hiii!! Sorry for being so long since our last chat!

    Ive just been disconected i guess, i was like only Muse for a long while and then i thought: its enough! and i stopped with my Muse adoration for a while (i could never stop, i just diled it down a bit hehe) And i redescovered some of my other passions like The Beatles (once again, this Beatles stage now comes and goes every month its amazing), Queen, Nirvana <3, the AMAZING Stones! I guess i went back to the old days! And i understood i should have been born in 1955 or something like that!

    Btw, i gave Arcade Fire a listen and i liked some songs but i sorry to tell you i didnt fell head over hills in love with them ;)

    But how are you?? How is uni going? And is your internet problem solved yet? Hope you are doing great!

    My type is nothing like Dom, okay its quite similar except for the hair! I love brown hair, green eyes (his beautiful eyes are green but from time to time i see a picture where they look brown or even gray) and kind of skinny people! And his aventurous side is fascinating and very appealing to me hehehe :D

    Missed being around here! And sorry again for this super duper late reply!! :(

  6. :awesome: did you get to talk to him/her(?)?
  7. That's cool! I still haven't met anyone who lieks them.. actually, I was over at a friend's house and one of his housemates had a Muse sweater on!! :awesome:

  8. hey, did you get my reply??

  9. aww :(


    school is good :) I met a girl who likes muse and she said she had all their albums but i dont think she's "obssessed" with them =/ her locker's right next to mine :D havn't had much time to chat though 'cause then i would be late for my classes :p

  10. Hey, sorry for the super late reply! I don't have internet at the moment (stupid university apartment) and I'm not sure when I'll be getting it :(

    How's school?

  11. Soooo sorry for the late reply!! I'm glad you had a good time on vacation!! :) Nah, that's not selling out at all haha. Everyone I know has at least two sets, university and highschool friends!

    LOL you''re hilarious :p I smoked some with my uncle (he's a year older than I haha not some creepy old uncle or something :p) and I had the most horrible panic attack :(

    So do I, they're all so dumb and pointless... like Jersey Shore.. argh

    To you they aren't, but to me I'm sure they're nothing but ordinary :p Saskatchewan is normal to me :p

    Matt is EXACTLY my type :p Seriously.. dark hair, blue or brown eyes and not skinny but not HUGE you know? I hate super muscular guys. What's your type? Blond hair, brown eyes (what colour are his eyes?? I can't tell) and awesomely tight, vibrantly coloured pants? :p

    I'm sure it's gone by now though how? How are you feeling? Have you started school yet?


    Their new album is called The Suburbs! You should listen to them! I'd start with Funeral though.. it's absolutely amazing! I like the Beatles but I don't know that many of their songs :o


    Okay so, here's what happened. I went on vacation to Jamaica right? And didn't use the internet there.. and then I moved into my apartment (I go to university in another city) AND WE DON'T HAVE INTERNET! I'm so annoyed, you have no idea :( and I felt so bad for not answering in so long!! How are you?

  12. Hi! I'm back from the sunny Algarve! The Water was great, hot and with the right amount of waves :p

    I were with my family but a couple of friends were down there too so we used to hang out :) (i will go on vacations with them though, in September i hope! Its a bit wierd because i go on vacations with two different groups, my college girls (who i went to the fest with) and my high school awesome friends (some of them atleast, i know they are my friends but some can be really stupid, but i love them anyway --') and i feel like a sell out, i know its stupid because i fit in perfectly in both groups but its a bit wierd for me not have only one group of friends...

    I used to love the smell but now it just makes me feel a bit sick, it was 7 days on a role smelling that! But one never says no to pot! xD Wow, we are such rebels we belong on a freaking reality show (rated above 18! :LOL:) - i hate reality shows btw (most of them)

    Saskatchewan blew me away! Hehehe! Here the names are nothing out of the ordinary, i'm jealous lol

    Hope it works with the new guy!! And sorry about the other one.. So whats your type? Brown hair, blue eyes and awesomely high pitched voice oh did i forget rockstar and frontman (i hate this description, just because the is the lead singer doesnt mean he should be called frontman) of the amazing MUse?? xDD

    My cold is still around bah! :( I'm a lot better though!


    Ok, dont think i only listen to Muse or whatever but i only know the Arcade Fire by name i'm trying to remember one of their songs right now and i have nothing... Sorry :( But whats the name of the new album? (I'm going through my Beatles phase right now, it happens every single year, theres like a month when i can only or almost, listen to the kings of the 60s!!)

  13. no lol i dont have either :p I have played rockband at a friend's house once but I sucked at it :rolleyes: like really bad :$ and I've played guitar hero on Ds a lot of times :p I'm not as bad on that one :chuckle:

  14. I know right?! I practised like mad though!


    Xbox 360.. it's my brothers. Do you play Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

  15. 100% that's :awesome:


    which game system do you have it on?

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