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    Love Photography and Muse (Not sure which order tho :) )
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    Foo Fighters, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Rage Against the Machine, Queen
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    V for Vendetta, Harry Potter, Matrix, Oceans 11, Swordfish
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    Outrageous Fortune
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    Harry Potter
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    Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, The Resistance, Hullabaloo, HAARP
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  1. good too!

    i am in Hamilton and loving it!

    hows christchuch treating you.

  2. Hey! Good thanks, How about your self?


    What part of NZ you from anyway?

  3. Hey how are you

  4. I hope that they will be alright.

    all of new zealand is thinking of christchurch

  5. Hey, thanks for the message, I'm fine but there a few people I know missing so Praying for a miracle there! Good to know people are thinking of us!

  6. Are you all right. Hope you are not hurt or anyone you know.

    my thoughts are with you and everyone in christchurch

  7. that good that must have been really scary

  8. Old interview from BDO 07 with Chris, Thought the bit in the middle about old band members was funny.. anyway enjoy if you haven't herd it before. http://www.therock.net.nz/Muse/tabid/381/articleID/2509/Default.aspx
  9. Heya.. Yea its getting back to normal! Just a lot of rebuilding to do around the city as you could imagine but all in all we got though it :)

  10. hey, hows christchurch been lately?

  11. Oh yes KOC and Hysteria are in there, must have missed them
  12. http://www.therock.net.nz/MusicampEvents/Countdowns/TheRock10002010/tabid/931/Default.aspx Just thought some of you might be interested: Plug in Baby 95th, Starlight 434th and Uprising 350th; featured in the NZ ROCK 1000, Considering this a very hard rock dominated competition i think Muse's placings were quite the achievement considering the placings of these songs last year. Muse defiantly becoming more known here. Oh and Killing in the Name Number 1!!!
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