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  1. This is exactly how i feel. The real question I meant to ask was "Do people who only like songs off of the resistance get to call themselves a fan?". Well my friends have listened to New Born, CE, Apocalypse Please, Time is running out, Stockholm Syndrome, Star light and Hysteria and all of them they dont like. I know that the way to a persons heart is to make the music they want to hear, and I believe that Muse did this with TR..... I have around 10 friends who love Undisclosed Desires, and here in Aus it was massively over played on the radio. And I do not support the fact that "you have to have liked muse from when they first came out", what about people like me who were 8 when OoS was released??? I dont mean to sound stuck up, Im not trying to be like a cool kid who knows muse inside out, owns all their albums and pretends to be the "biggest fan". When I started this thread, I was just wondering because I like commercial releases, but when they end up reeling in thousands of more "fans" (who really only like these commercial songs and dislike other muse songs) it seems a bit unfair to the other people who would enjoy all of muse releases being played in the concert, but are missing out on tickets. just my opinion.
  2. Like when I heard OoS, I thought to myself that this is the pinnacle of rock/alternative. The lyrics, the combination of instruments, the structure, the buildups and overall the sound. I know that because they like at least one album it makes them fans, I was just angry because there are people that love Muse, every part of it, and they are going to miss out because people who like a few songs are going to get tickets first.
  3. Sorry for using the term "true fans", i just meant people that respect muse for their greatest accomplishments, imo OoS. And sorry for making myself unclear, they have heard OoS and also Showbiz and pretty much hate them !!
  4. They could make it just for the "niche" of rock, and still sell huge, Im just wondering whether they specifically made those songs so that they approved to an even larger audience, or whether they wanted to experiment with a different sound? I reckon time would have been better spent making more amazing niche songs. Just my opinion.
  5. I agree and don't agree, I personally disagree with Super Massive Black Hole and also The Resistance on a whole - they seem to be made mainstream and to appeal to everyone. I dont think that because they like these songs will they like OoS, it seems to have its amazing effect only on the more rock/alternative fans.
  6. Most of my friends love Undisclosed Desires and United States of Eurasia, and call themselves fans, and that they all "really" want to come to the Aus tour, but shouldn't they leave these positions to the true fans?
  7. This whole song cannot be described as a song, it can be described as a masterpiece.
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