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  1. happy bday, have a good one!! :D

  2. You would not be saying the same if you were in my situation. Though physical violence is wrong, you would not think twice about something like this. I don't like being referred to as a dipshit for standing up for what I believed was wrong.
  3. I should have mentioned the other part, but I didn't feel it was appropriate for regular conversation. Though, I AM sorry of accusing you. This isn't the best subject to start a conversation with. I do see the assumption. I just didn't think my mother's condition was important to the story.
  4. No. It wasn't. The argument had gone into another topic, and I'd never do anything such as this just for something as simple as Twilight. I don't ever ask for someone to attack me about my mother's current condition. And when she crossed the line from Twilight to my mother's cancer, I didn't think twice. Next time, ask why. And do not judge me about my actions towards people when they personally attack my family.
  5. Haha. The important thing is you discovered them. I've been a fan since 2001. I get called all sorts of bad things because I sound "arrogant" & "ignorant". Well, supposedly making others look bad because they didn't dicover Muse when I did. WTF. ;P
  6. :o Someone looking at my Twitter profile... Its insane. XD You don't know how many Sara's are in my life. Lol. There's @whokilledsaraht, you, @Muse_Luver, and my sister... A couple friends... SO MANY SARA'S! XD Sorry, I have issues.
  7. Haha. The forums here are too perfect. I'm surprised I've never been on until recently. FAIL. XD Aww. Thanks! I've been to all of the Chicago gigs except for three. The one in 1999, 2000, and 2004. (2004: Had to be 18 to get in.) It was a sad day. ;P
  8. GAH! I was supposed to go to the Ohio gig and my mum like, completely started being an ass about it and told me no. ;P Thanks for the help though. Next time they're here in the US, I'll be sure to follow your advice. I LOVE YOU. O_O
  9. That song is beautiful. I'm just confused as to why people would think the men that made THAT, is going mainstream.
  10. Don't say that! ;P I don't EVER say anything important. Haha. And yet, I get talked to all the time. I don't understand. Twitter confuses me. But, I made a lot of friends in the Contintental US. As well as around the world. From the UK to Aussie.
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