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  1. I think they played a 14 song set in 04 when they played at a small club here in town. Whatever, all the people who go to multiple shows and complain about the setlists sound so ungrateful.
  2. From every concert I've been to at arco, the ga line starts at the downward parking entrance on the west side. They usually start setting up the line barrier around 12. Further east is the entrance where everyone who gets early parks their cars. There is a strip mall sorta area about six minutes walking distance from the parking lot, to the east. There's a liquer store some sort of asian restaurant and a tapioca express.
  3. Last time they said they would kick you out, I abided by the rules only to find there were about 30 kids ahead of me, so I'm not sure how strict they'll be enforcing that. I too have to take off school and work to get there early and my sister and friend who moved out of town and have to drive up aren't showing up until fourish so idk how the whole numbering thing would go but it sounds like a good idea
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