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    reading, exploring, tennis, tramping, fishing, horse riding, biking, playing chess, cooking, shopping...
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    no need to put muse :)? what else am i supposed to put here.. how would people know ?!
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    good will hunting. i'll come back to these
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    the da vinci code, his dark materials, the power of one, 1984(thanks muse), stephen king stuff (not too much horror though) reading angels and demons ATM
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    like... showbiz, absolution, black holes & revelations, the resistance... yet to find origin of symm
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    nope. i'm looking to lose my virginity next time their in my country :D
  1. If no, why? If yes, how? In a good/bad way? Personally, Muse has done so many good things in my life. - My ears can enjoy the melody and the intelligence of the instruments coming together, while my brain can pick apart the lyrics and analyse the deep meaning. - Their songs have such raw emotion and important themes, and I believe some of the songs helped me to express my own frustrations in life in a healthy way - The resistance was partly inspired by a book I believe- 1984, which as a result, I read, and started my obsession with meaningful books and my interest in world issues, governments and corruption, etc. - The lyrics in some songs (like butterflies & hurricanes) made me realise how I can and should achieve to my full potential, as everyone should aim to be. That's all I can think of right now, ahh I need to study for my mid-terms! Sorry this is so long! This is my first thread, and well, I wanted it to be thought-provoking! ...I think Muse has just made me appreciate music and life more. So WBU?
  2. Ahh! This is too hard, I could spend hours thinking this over. "Best" is too vague for me, I could give SO many reasons for so many songs... I think every song has it's own amazing combination of lyrics and instruments and overall feeling, I don't think I could only pick ONE, I'm afraid. But I'll just go with my gut feeling (this ain't gonna be accurate)
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