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  1. Yea I just listened to it also and it really sounds like Matt isn't too fussed about the song anymore, and he wouldn't play it if he couldn't get the exact sound that he wanted from another pedal. Dom seems up for it though so maybe he's the one we need to put the pressure on! To be fair, if/when they do play it live again I'll be loosing my shit so much that I won't even notice if the guitar effects are different - and does it really matter? I know Matt's a bit of a perfectionist but it's more than OK to experiment a little on a live track, nobody will care! Which makes me think that the lost pedal is just an excuse and he isn't keen on the song anymore
  2. Also is there something wrong with me, I really don't see what all the fuss is about re: Biffy Clyro... when they opened for Muse in Paris last year I thought they were fairly average. Solid and some interesting riffs sure, but a bit "ho-hum" in terms of warming us up for the big act to follow. Maybe I'm just getting old and missed the boat on them... oh well!
  3. YES YES YES YES YES! Oh my god that would be great - if they brought them to Stade de France as well! If The Strokes are announced as support in London then I'm auctioning off my first-born on this website to get hold of a ticket. Deal? We can live in hope can't we?
  4. Fair enough... to be honest I just used my 4 favourite tracks from Showbiz because if you have too many options people don't respond as much I think. But I probably could have included any song from that era and still missed someone's favourite B-side or different version of a track! That's the beauty of the Muse... they find it very difficult to write an average song! Point taken though
  5. Yeah BDO 2004 was my first Muse show and I kinda remember it from then... but that was 6 years ago!! Is this missing pedal so super rare than it's a one-of-a-kind or what? Surely Matt has reached the point where if he wants an effects pedal then his record label or tour promoters or whoever get off their arse and search the world day and night until they find it! Nothing should stand in the way of our love for Muscle Museum live lol
  6. Can't wait for this one... prove me wrong people but is this not the best line-up announced so far for a European Festival this summer? Muse - Pearl Jam - Green Day - Rammstein - Gossip - Florence and the Machine - Faithless - Pink - La Roux - Jack Johnson (well, they're allowed one shit act I suppose!) With more acts still to be announced! It's going to be amazing... my two favourite bands opening and closing the festival - Muse on Thursday and Pearl Jam on Sunday. See you there!
  7. YES... Hate this & I'll Love You would be an amazing surprise! As would Uno... or Falling Down... and who can forget their cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You? THAT would be SWEEET, I just read they resurrected it in Tokyo last month so maybe they are dusting off a few of the old classics in time for summer!
  8. Unless of course they re-work it with a different effects pedal... Matt's more than capable of that you would think! The man's a freaken genius, let's be honest, he could probably play the song on a banjo and it would still kick ass!
  9. With the upcoming European Stadium shows and festivals I was thinking of the "blast from the past" track that I REALLY want to hear... In Paris '09 we were lucky enough to hear the Piano version of Cave which was incredible, this year can we PLEASE have Muscle Museum?!? It seems they haven't played it live for about 3 years now, but there is promising news on musewiki: "As of January 2010, Howard revealed on TripleJ radio, Australia, he'd like to play the song live again, however, due to Bellamy losing the required (rare) effects pedal for part of the song, it's been left out of rotation so far." So there's a chance! Who's with me on this one? Alternatively, which old-school Muse tune are you dying to hear live again?
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