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    Well, I think I'm a normal girl, but many people say that I'm not a normal person. I'm a Muser, I love horror movies, everything related to the supernatural and yellow and I'm arachnophobic. (Do you still think I'm normal? 'Cause I do). Basically I'm really far away of being perfect but I'm happy just like the way I am. :)
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    Muse / Music / Family / Friends / Reading / Procrastination / Stuff related to horror movies and also to the supernatural / Conspiracy Theories (not in order xD)
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    Muse / Kasabian / Nirvana / The XX / The Vines / AC/DC / Manic Street Preachers / Metallica / Vampire Weekend / Kaiser Chiefs / Placebo / Faithless / Florence + The Machine / La Roux / Biffy Clyro / Black Veil Brides / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Pearl Jam / Led Zeppelin / Aerosmith / Jimi Hendrix / Van Halen / Queen / Arctic Monkeys / U2 / The White Stripes / Pink Floyd / Queens Of The Stone Age / Foo Fighters / MGMT / Franz Ferdinand / Rammstein / Guns N’ Roses / Interpol / Arcade Fire / The Cranberries / Bob Dylan / R.E.M. / Steppenwolf / Def Leppard / Iron Maiden / Nickelback / Panic! At The Disco / Scorpions / Rage Against The Machine / Tenacious D / The Doors / Audioslave
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    Saw (all the movies) / Scary Movie (all the movies) / Epic Movie / Date Movie / Superhero Movie / Vampires Suck / The Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons / Zombieland / Death Tunnel / Black Swan / The Social Network / Pirates Of The Caribbean (all the movies) / Lord Of The Rings (all the movies too) / Harry Potter (also all the movies xD) / Scott Pilgrim vs. The World / Eragon / A Clockwork Orange / Nowhere Boy
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    Supernatural / Ghost Whisperer / Phineas and Ferb / Happy Tree Friends / Bones / NCIS / Chuck / House / Grey's Anatomy / Criminal Minds / Pushing Daisies / Dexter / Desperate Housewives / The Simpsons / Family Guy / Fringe / The Walking Dead / Brothers & Sisters / The Mentalist / The Big Bang Theory
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    Carolina Moon - Nora Roberts / A Relíquia - Eça de Queirós / Os Maias - Eça de Queirós
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    Origin Of Symmetry
    Black Holes And Revelations
    The Resistance

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  1. No, no, its quite alright - if you're busy your busy. :) How'd your exams go?

    Ooo that's cool. I went to the waxwork musuem its adjoined too but it was closed for refurbishment. I think.... but yeah - the expense is lethal. It was expensive when times were good and now in times like now the expense is insane. I'm amazed when I see the people who are coming from abroad to see Muse at Reading and Leeds Festivals, particulary those who were also at Stade de France and Wembley.

    If I go Reading its my 3rd time seeing Muse and its another biggie show - previous shows were in the O2 Arena (20,000) and Wembley (85,000). Those places are absolutely massive... although weirdly Wembley didn't feel as big as I thought. Mainly cos half the stadium was occupied by Muse's staging.

    Ah the guitar thing sounds nice. :) I wish I could do that sort of thing... I once dreamt I could play the piano in Butterflies and Hurricanes but if I came to a piano now I'd probably suck. I can play the drums for that one so that's good enough haha.

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