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  1. Yeah exactly Then i hear Supermassive Black Hole on Fifa 07
  2. Invincible part "During the struggle" New Born changing solo Endlessly solo "Scares the hell out of me" - Thoughts of a Dying Athiest Starlight guitar while he sings "My life..." "Aping my soul" "Tell us..." "Let's start over again" - Exogenesis "You trick your lovers..." - Undisclosed desires "You are my mu....." "And she attacks me like a leo" - I Belong to You Matt Zipper on Space Dementia "You make me sick..." Supermassive Black Hole Solo "And I've seen your love..." - Plug in Baby "Ocean!!!" - Unnatural Selection Intro of Muscle Museum "It could be wrong, could be wrong" "The night has reached its end" - Resistance "....When there can be only one?" - United States of Eurasia Guitar solo of Citizen Erased The guitar intro and trumpet solo on City of Delusion "I only dream of you" - Sing for absolution "Best..." - Butterflies and Hurricanes Darkshines 3:53 "...Recurring nightmares..." - Hoodoo Ruled by secrecy piano Shrinking Universe screaming Hyper chondriac Music Solo and the "I don't love you..." part Easily drums In your world intro
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