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  1. anyone's video stop working if you do something crazy...like pause it for a sec? stupid myspace
  2. Someone good with technology please rip this and put it up for download, everyone on here would love you forever
  3. damn, ok the problem we are having is that our car is pretty big, and is taking up almost half of the space, and we have a 10x10 canopy (which is more like a 9x9 canopy when you put it up) and so alot of the tent has to be under the canopy so it can not be bigger then 9 feet in either dimension. Guess we are just going to have to be crammed into a slightly smaller tent
  4. nothing too exciting, just a couple of short clips USOE: Ruled by Secrecy (really short, just uploaded it because they don't play it much) Stockholm Syndrome: I wish I would have been taping for the guitar smash, would have been a great view, but oh well great show!
  5. Finally got my pics on flickr, here are a few Best one Sorry thats alot of pics, kinda got carried away, there are a couple more on my flickr. Didn't edit any of them, and it was the first time I have used my camera at a concert, just left it in auto mode. Might add a few vids to youtube tomorrow as well.
  6. wow just got back, what an awesome show. the order for the piano songs was United states of eurasia, ruled by secrecy, feeling good. At the end of all the riffs of SS, matt tried to throw the red glitter guitar through the bass drum, but it bounced off and landed near morgan. overall awesome show, although i would say they did look a bit tired, but matt seemed to really pick it up right before SS started, and that energy really showed for the last two songs (SS and KOC) Overall really fun, and I would say the highlight of the night was NB, because the crowd seemed to have the most energy during that song.
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