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    Los Angeles, Staples Center - 1/26/2013
  1. I was right in front of Matt about 6 rows back in the audience. It was a really hard show to watch, to be honest. Matt's voice was destroyed and the wind and sand was really horrible - the video doesn't capture how nasty it was. You could hear Matt was coughing between songs. That said, people who weren't familiar with the band still had a blast. The Lithium cover got the crowd jumping around early. I also think B&H really opened peoples' eyes, Matt killed it on the piano solo.
  2. seemed to me like both the first and second harmonica he played were not functioning properly on the same note. his reaction when he figured out the second one was broken was classic. the crowd's energy was much better than wednesday's, and the band matched it as well. i'm glad they decided to take that massive drape off of the seats directly behind the stage - the fans back there looked and sounded like they were having a blast. matt did two knee slides and chucked his guitar right into dom's drum kit at the end of uprising. great show.
  3. I was hoping for something special on Saturday after Wednesday's very standard set (which was still incredible) but y'all got Sunburn, Sign o' the Times, New Born, and MotP!? Very cool. I hope Saturday is different still.
  4. as you can see in my sig, i've pretty much only seen muse in southern california with the exception of their show in vegas, which was spectacular. the crowd there had clearly come from far and wide to see the mighty muse... LA fans are just tfc to do anything even remotely interesting. my buddy and i had a good time jumping around and singing though.
  5. good show all around. i'm digging the longer set list. they played exactly what they played in san diego, i believe in the same order as well.
  6. i saw him at coachella... he was very late to his set, his voice wasn't warmed up at all, and he was wearing a basic tee shirt with jeans because of the heat he only played 3 or 4 songs, two of them being gnarls barkley covers, and then apologized and said he deserved a better timeslot (they put him on at 4:30pst in the blazing sun, so i definitely agree with him there) but he still effed up for sure!
  7. i went ape shit and screamed OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i heard the live intro to bliss i looked over at my friends who i went with who aren't as familiar with their material, and they were like huh? and i said: you just don't understand what a show.
  8. i was thinking the exact same thing, but sadly no word. the crowd was straight catatonic until the encore. matt was trying to urge the crowd into singing for TIRO and PiB but it was just pathetic. still an awesome show... it is muse, after all :-) also props to the people on matt's rail moving their flashing goggles back and forth to the slow section of unnatural selection
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