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  1. Didn't disown them after NSC, won't be doing that now. A little extreme people. Yet, this won't be on my favorites list anytime soon. The instru is fantastic as always but...did anyone else think that Matt doesn't sound like Matt here??


    Also...Thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing when the peppy Oh Ah part started after Prelude. I honestly thought I was listing to a joke thinking that this can't be the boys...


    But, again, the instru is phenom as usual. Just...let's take everything else out ok??

  2. It's the beginning...the intro that always gets me into that slightly creeped feeling...The song itself could have the sweetest lyrics but if the sound is off from the start...


    Megalomania, Eternally Missed, Forced In, Spiral Static and Sing for Absolution.


    I adore them all but they are all just a bit...wrong...in a wonderful way... :$

  3. Since this is my first big outdoor festival I think I am going to aim for left or right of center, few rows back. Never been a barrier person and if I feel a little too crushed then I am sure I could make my way to the sides and just appreciate the music on the fringe of the crowd...

  4. If everyne is still up by the time we get back in town from indy I'd like to have a drink :p


    Ben and I will be racing you back to Chicago. We'll meet up for drinks after we drop off the rental. How are you getting to and from the indy gig?

  5. hahahah Lesley you need to relax ;) It'll be awesome to see you again though!! :happy:


    Relaxed. promise. HEHEHEE. It will be good to see you too! Hopefully we will be close during Lolla - was great to have friends close to squeal with during the concert in Cincin. Excited for all the Muser re-meets from that trip and the new Muser meets...


    I can't believe how close it is!! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and getting ridiculously drunk Wednesday and Thursday.


    Just Wednesday and Thursday? :eek:


    HEY! As Ben and I have been looking/planning for the trip and things to do - there are movies in the parks around Chicago AND I think we are going Tuesday night for anyone who might be in town. There is a park sort of close to the downtown area and they are showing UP - the disney/pixar movie from a few years ago. Really cute and actually pretty funny. It's free. They sell popcorn and soda. Just something really different to do?

  6. 14 days til I am on a plane with Ben and we are going to Chicago and seeing Muse twice!! Adore the Pub Crawl Thursday night. Adore the possibility of soccer. ADORE all of you. Ok. Need to calm down. I WANT TO PACK NOW!



  7. Or we can make big cut outs of the OOS alien?


    I think the doing something at the concert discussion drifted off and I was stuck in graduate course hell, unable to respond SO did anyone decide? Aliens? Hexagons? flashy glasses? Nothing?


    And - have we heard anything more about the soccer game?

  8. I drove a Cavalier in college, I used to pack people in if for roadtrips :LOL:


    Heheheee. BEN used to have a LITTLE ford festiva. We used to call it the Rubbermaid car because he would get into minor accidents or just simply run into things (lightpoles for instance.) and the car would just bounce back all good. One of the first trips we took without parental supervision was Ben and I and two other friends piling ALL of our stuff in the itsy trunk and squeezing in on a roadie to Minneapolis. LOL What a riot!

  9. I think we might head out around 11 or midnight as we want to get barrier for Kansas and it's almost a 9-hour drive.


    I love my Cavalier. It's a 2004 and it had 48,000 miles on it when I got it two years ago. Now it has over 70,000. :LOL:


    My 2003 Cavalier is still in the family - My dad drove it to work for awhile and now has a truck so I sold it to my little cousin - well he is 16 but still little to me! - and he loves it.


    SORTA back on topic. And don't throw anything at me but - What is the deal with getting barrier? I know what it is, I know it is a big deal to everyone but I don't get it. I have never been to a HUGE concert before like Lolla or Wembly or MSG. (I live in the middle of North Dakota. The biggest concet that happens close to me is WE Fest and I am not going there...) All of my concerts - even my first Muse show in Cincin - all had seating options. To me, barrier is just a place to bet squished. Enlightenment?

  10. Sounds pretty! Is that an Indy thing, though? I don't want to steal anyone's idea :LOL:


    Well since it was my idea orig. I give us permission. :D I think Indy is going to do the glowy finger thingy??

  11. This same discussion is happening over at the Indy FB page too. Maybe instead of one huge flag all the musers should bring a different color hexagon made out of a big piece of tagboard? then when we all meet up we can create a huge version of the resistance honeycomb? :unsure:

  12. I wanna do something Muser related for Lolla.

    I'm making a giant Eurasia flag; think they'll let me bring it in?


    I'm also taking a piece of duct tape and writing "Pwoperty of Matthew Bellamy" on it and sticking it on my butt. (I posted this idea on my facebook page hah) but I think more people should do it and we all find each other and take a picture LOL


    ..I wanna do it. Someone else make/bring a flag plz. MUSERS UNITE!


    Count me in! I just ordered my first pair of blue flashy glasses too LOL. Would love to join in on the flag idea...hmmm...I think you can get the flag in if it can be folded into a back pack. Can't u bring in a towel? Why not a flag?? ;)

  13. Catherine, MJ (my mother), my aunt Mickie, and myself are traveling from Chicago to Kansas and back to Chicago in my little Cavalier.


    Hehehee. I used to own a little cavalier. What a roadie huh? Are you leaving after the friday night show or are you waiting til sat. morning?

  14. Selling my 2 tickets!


    Ben and I have decided on a new plan of travel and Kansas isn't in the cards! I have a listing on Musebay but just thought I would drop a note here...selling them for $165 each since I bought them as early bird tix. PM me if you are interested.

  15. I just noticed you're in the same row as me' date=' we're in seats 24 and 25 Row R Section A. :)[/quote']


    Woohoo! I love being close to board musers! Was close to a few in Cincy and it made the concert so much better! :D

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