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    North Dakota. Yep ND
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    Librarian. Gone Wild.
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    At the moment, Eat Pray Love
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    I'm an official state side Doctor Who fan. Sanctuary and Castle are pretty grand too.
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    Anything by Scott Westerfeld. Anything by or based on Jane Austin or her stories. Reading "Infinite Days" and "The Dead and the Gone"
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    All the CD's. I actually have a Muse book tote. Librarian Remember?
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    Cincinnati OH. 10/11/10.

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  1. Hey yeah I've been packed for a week now lol I think were getting a rental from the airport I'm nt sure tho I'm not the one who's getting it I'm just joining in the carpool the car is a full house tho sorry :( hope you find a way!


    Have you tried looking in the indy FB group? There's a few others lking to fill space in there cars

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