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    MUSE, RATM, silversun pickups, coldplay, franz ferdinand, the killers, the yeah yeah yeahs, placebo, queen, metallica, etcetc
  • Favourite Films
    foreign films :awesome:
    tai toi and wasabi (french films, w/ jean reno) for comedy
    sunshine, slumdog millionaire, the recruit, phone booth, ..etcetc my dads a movie shopaholic :LOL:
  • Favourite TV Shows
    House, Doctor Who
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  • Muse Releases Owned
    The Resistance CD+DVD, Origin of Symmetry, HAARP, Absolution, Absolution tour DVD, Hullabaloo soundtrack
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    sadly none yet:(
  1. does anyone remember that photo of muse in black and white with red santa claus hats?? does anyone have it??
  2. same for me here. i hate to admit it, but before muse pop was the only music i knew. then i discovered them, and through them i discovered (or rediscovered) lots of bands- their influences, supports, even mentions in interviews... even if muse dont stay my favourite band forever, it will certainly be remembered as probably THE most important band in my life, thanks to that. ...ok, so that was more cheesy than i intended it to be... but as for (specifically) supports, silversun pickups and editors,ive come to really like, and i LOVE biffy clyro
  3. anyone got that bootleg or know where to get it?? thanks:)
  4. well, no. because of all the bands that i love, it never is the same again once a member quits or is added or replaced, etc. ex: smashing pumpkins-although billy corgan is the brains behind it all, somehow it doesnt feel quite like the pumpkins from the album the lineup changed afterwards...i just think it wouldnt feel like muse if something changed in the lineup
  5. dont know if it has been done already, but.... matthew bellamy can fall upwards and go up downwards matthew bellamy can slam revolving doors.. ..... ....
  6. well i cant take anything that considers liam gallagher the best frontman ever seriously.
  7. i think i have to add flea and melissa auf der maur to the list now...
  8. favourite doctor:david tennant all the way!!! favourite companion: rose tyler (am i the only one here who doesnt like martha jones??) favourite episode: blink favourite villain: saxon
  9. oh jeez. so hard to choose!! theyre both so awesome+sexy!! but, matt wins for me...by just a tiny speck.
  10. So, apart from Chris:P, who are your favourite bassists and why?? I personally love Nikki monninger and d'arcy wreztky just because i love those bands and i think female bassists are OSSUM:yesey: i like rage's basslines too, so prob timmy commerford:D
  11. i dont quite know the model, but its a red glossy yamaha. Its beautiful:happy:
  12. calma, algun dia iras a verlos :happy:

  13. suertudaa...yo solo kiero ir a un concierto de muse!!!:(

  14. tambn estoi con lo de los pases backstage, mi hermana tiene un amigo y su papa trabajaba en OCESA y tiene contactos para conseguir cosas como los pases

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