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  1. Four names have gained my attention and I've yet to listen any of them but it will be worth it : 1.Panic Station : When "Ghostbusters" Meets Superstition (my fave Stevie Wonder track ever) and some RHCP's kind of slapsticking Bass. Cherry on the cake, The lead trumpetist who recorded the said Superstition in 1972. 2.Supremacy : Ennio Morricone + Led Zeppelin's Kashmir + Horns + James Bond Rock Stadium 3.Big Freeze : Gospel meets Rock (hopefully like the brillant "All These Things That I've Done from The Killers fame). 4. Liquid State : "Rockiest" track from the album and Mr Wolstenholme sounding like Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman = WIN
  2. Save Me : "Stretches its limbs into twinkling, atmospheric techno" So much for Chris songs "saving the album" (according to the "hardcore-old school fans") Looks like we have : Madness Follow Me Save Me Animals Four essentially electronic tracks. Supremacy, Panic Station (as confirmed on this review), Big Freeze and Liquid State are definitively the ones I will listen to first and foremost .
  3. I don't judge a song on 10-15 seconds of bad audio quality, but again, I'm not surprised it's not Unsustainable (which is THE ONE Song I'm now targeting to listen to and will kick a lot of asses, big time ). Survival fits more The Olympics thematic so it makes sense and this way, the so called "fans" won't bitch for this or that with an Uprising Bis song to appeal to their ears before Unustainable disgusts them forever
  4. Don't know why people think this song has to be related to the Olympics... Did they write a song especially for those olympics ? Doubt it, Unsustainable has dramatic lyrics about our current world and I don't see some "dubstep" getting played there but who knows, fact is they did release The Resistance in Sept 2009 and we got USOE (via the infamous "treasure game", good memories ) in June 2009 and (if i m correct) Uprising on Radio in July 2009. Makes perfect sense for them to release the first single now if the album is to get released in September. As for anthem rock, I was quoting this article : http://www.stereoboard.com/content/view/173311/9 "The name of the track has yet to be officially confirmed, but Stereoboard believes that it’ll be an anthemic and inspiring rock track, tinged with Dubstep, entitled 'Unsustainable'" They also claim it will get linked to the Olympics (aren't MOP and Uprising already on London Olympics soundtrack ?). As long as I get to listen to it in 18 hours time, I will be happy and can't wait to see all the dubstep haters crying out loud here, it's gonna be Glorious
  5. A good one billion times but I hope "Easy Tiger" "Pwoper" and "Cheers Mate" will get used once and for all
  6. Based on the trailer, the title of the album and the (working) titles of the songs : Huge robots with red eyes, lasers everywhere, apocalyptic stuff everywhere, aliens, a giant sun and moon , a lot of desolated buildings, some astronaut, a giant red nuclear button, people from "Wall Street" everywhere on the walls... Will be enough for now
  7. I'm living in Paris (near Bercy itself ) and everything was absolutely "unavailable" at 10 02 am for me. I just got the proper amount of time to get my two seating tix and at 10 02 am on Carrefour Spectacles while Fnac totally bugged out for long minutes and it was totally impossible (for me and i have a very fast and good connexion and i m typing super fast on a keyboard comp) for me to get any tix from fnac itself... I think ticketnet (which is the official seller for the Paris Omnisports De Paris Bercy) was the one who could offer the tix the more out of those three since it's the arena itself.
  8. That did that for me as well and to me the explanation is just "it's a bug from the sites, it's already sold out..." (that was totally the case). Wish you to get one till the day of the gig comes, Trust me I'm feeling blessed and that it s a legit miracle I managed to get the 2 tix I badly dreamed of at 10 01, I was so excited I could barely enter my visa card number and almost entered a bad number and lost the tix
  9. Hi there ! How many of you got seating tix here ? It was absolutely CRAZY and almost impossible to get just one this past thursday... I was on two different (french) sites and one of them totally crashed out each time you would try to refresh and get tix... I managed to get my two seating tix via the other one but it was litterally a matter of seconds, cause right after I purchased it (at 10 01-02 am), I refreshed to see if it was possible to still buy tix and it was telling me "sorry we don't have tix anymore"... That was faster than ever (for 15000 tix sold) and that was just plain crazy (even more than three years ago). Well btw, if some of you want to do a "meeting-greeting" to talk together during the queue the day of the gig , why not
  10. T a quand même choisi la veille de la mise en place des ventes de ZE Group pour demissionner, si c'est pas du timing idéal pour chopper ses places pépère Moi je suis à cran d'attendre cette fichue vente de 10h en sâchant qu il est fort possible qu il y ait (une ? plusieurs ?) "pré vente" à 9h (autant dire que si c est vrai, j ose pas imaginer en combien de micro secondes tout va partir à 10h...)
  11. I will pray all night long to get just two seating ones Seriously won't sleep till I get my two frickin tix, especially after reading somewhere else on the net that there is a "pre access sale starting at 9 am (french hour)" , which is one long hour ahead of the normal selling hour (10 am here).
  12. It's still way too bad for one of the greatest guitar virtuosos in history I won't argue with Hendrix over May since Jimi was his main and biggest influence, while I do prefer, personnally, what Brian did musically. I just don't get how The Horrrors guy can be ranked number 2 with a way better "rating" than the likes of Hendrix, May, Morello, Vai, Satrini and Blackmore....
  13. Just read the current "rankings" of their "greatest guitarist ever" and face palming is required big time. Let's pretend only 15-20 years old kids with no knowledge and clue about guitar and skills are voting. Remembers me the people wo do pretend Lionel Messi is way better than Diego Maradona... I can name so many guitarists vastly superior to Bellamy I could write a dictionnary full of their names..
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