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  1. Been a while since I checked this place out.
  2. yeah man, it's the koots. ;) yeeeeeeeesssssss. :party::dance: hahaha. oi i was doing westside to all these tourists today in bruges (belgium) when i was doing this boat tour thing. they dont even knoooow

  3. hahah, its gold ey! i don't think i'll ever change it.

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH holy shit you have no idea how much i love you for still having that av of me and you :LOL: and that post where caitlin pointed it out... she's totally jealous :p:kiss:

  5. okay, now i'm worried! but i don't want to post anything because i'm too lazy.

  6. i'll harm you if you dont say something on the boards:mad:!!! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

  7. Haha I am harm for even signing up to this thing because it's like, totally random :LOL:

  8. just do it already! if you dont like the responses then just never return, no harm done.

  9. Well that was rude. I didn't realise I was offically a gaybo for not wanting to look like an idiot but posting something when 1. I don't know ANYONE! and 2. I don't know what goes down on those boards..

  10. bahahahha, noice! thanks for that =D ill try it next time im at home lol

  11. Ok well this worked for me..

    Click start, then run, then type in devmgmt.msc and click ok.

    Then you should be in device manager. Scroll down to Univers Serial Bus controllers and click it. Plug in your phone and it should come up somewhere under the USB controllers. Right click your phone one and click properties. If it says it's not working properly or something click troubleshoot and see if that helps :)

    and no I didn't get all that from memory, it's written down on my computer hahah I'm not that nerdy/weird :p

  12. please do if you can! lol, i thought it was just cause my phone connection was stuffed

  13. Orly? I had that problem before.. maybe I can help?

  14. thats a bummer. at least your phone connects though, my computer wont even recognise my phone at all =(

  15. haha. well when i connect my phone it doesn't show under the devices and a little window comes up asking what programs i want to use with my phone (like microsoft word and shit:wtf:) and when i click cancel it all freezes:indiff:

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