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  1. One could argue to Matt, the more they throw in those rarities, the better a response they'll receive (potentially). If they never play them, then the average gig-goer is likely never going to hear them, and thus, not going to respond to them. I suppose one show every few years probably won't make a difference, though.

  2. Now they wanted to try something differently, and you guys are making damn sure it won't happen again.


    That's exactly what I was just saying to Tahnee. It's understandable that people get frustrated, but I imagine it will just make Bellamy more distant and even less inclined to play the songs.

  3. Yeah, gotta say, shitty as this is, it's nice to see some actual communication with the fans about it.




    Even he acknowledged that the majority of people would just vote for Knights and Uprising :LOL: Surely the easy solution is just to not include those songs though. Just use a list of rarities/fan favourites that you've rehearsed or are willing to.


    The idea he mentioned of a rarities tour where fans could vote for songs excites me. Wasn't that pretty much what the Psycho Tour was though, only with Tweets instead of votes? Not that another one of those would be bad, especially if we could vote stuff like HCM, Easily or Glorious in.


    Ah fuck it, it'll never happen anyway.

    They could say, "we are going to play songs x, y, and z. Please vote for a, b, c, or d, we'll play two," or something like that.

  4. On the topic of T2L being shit live (and shit in general, tbf), I saw someone say on Reddit the other day that Explorers is one of their best piano songs and is amazing live.


    Also, I think a few people said Feeling Good was a classic and should come back, above other piano songs like AP and Space Dementia.






    I think the average fan probably goes to one concert every tour/every other tour, so they don't obsess over the setlist like us fools here.


    I'd love to see them give Animals a beefier outro, extended, new riffs etc.

  5. Has anyone here ever queued for a gig at The 02 for anyone before? I'm in the Midlands and trying to work out whether I'm better off at The 02 or Manchester. I've heard crappy stuff about queueing in Manchester before, so figured I might be better off in London, but I've never been to The 02 before. Both destinations are pretty much equal for me to get to by train. Obviously London will work out more expensive, but I can make a mini trip out of it anyway. I love queueing for barrier, so if The 02 have the best queue system then it may help swing it.


    When I queued at the O2 in 2009, it was quite organised. We started off outside, and were then moved inside by security to another part, and then moved again to another, if I remember correctly.

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