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  1. I was using the plural if you´d read the full message, I have been a Muse fan since Showbiz (when you were 6) and have seen them live at Nottingham Arena and also Glastonbury actually, not like all these Johnny come latelys - smart arse!


    :LOL: Clap yourself on the back much.


    If you were supposed to be using plurals for all the song titles in your post, then surely you should have typed 'New Borns' and 'Unintendeds' ? This is exactly what the modern marvels of spell-check is for...


    I don't need to ask to see that you hold all us so-called "Johnny-come-latelys" at the lowest regard possible. Which is quite petty really, seeing as the younger fans make up a hefty percentage of the overall Muse fan-base, a percentage that you are obviously trying to convince to vote in your poll.


    Maybe next time you should hold back on the criticisms and insults. Even though I do see being called a "smart arse" as quite a nice compliment, so thanks for that.

  2. there´s also a suggestion box bit, so we should get some classic Muse in there like your Plug in Babys, New Born & Unintended!




    Last time I checked, the song was called Plug In Baby. If you're going to spam on the board, at least get the bloody names right.:rolleyes:

  3. Personally, my first album was BH&R (good times). I then moved onto OoS and Absolution.


    Absolution would be good for newbies who enjoy classical music as well as rock, The Resistance would undoubtedly be favoured by those who like pop music. OoS would be preferred by those who enjoy a wide range of varied musical genres, like myself.

  4. These aren't my definite favourite songs, but the ones I've listened to recently:


    1. Eternally Missed

    2. Twin

    3. Coma

    4. Micro Cuts

    5. Supermassive Black Hole

    6. Do We Need This?

    7. Shine

    8. Bliss

    9. Citizen Erased

    10. YFMF


    and the others:

    The Groove, Undisclosed Desires, Falling Away With You, Ruled By Secrecy, Uprising, Uno, Glorious, Easily, Popcorn, Butterflies And Hurricanes

  5. Screenager, Falling Away With You, Sing For Absolution, Hate This And I'll Love You, Citizen Erased, Endlessly, Ruled By Secrecy, In Your World, Hyper Chondraic Music, Glorious, The Exogenesis Symphony, United States Of Eurasia, Soldier's Poem, Megalomania, Blackout, Butterflies And Hurricanes, Bliss, Twin.


    Theres far too many to list. Which isn't entirely a bad thing:happy:

  6. Hey, everyone.


    For my new Journalism assignment I have to write an article on any chosen subject, to be included in a fictional music magazine of my choice. I have chosen Muse as my topic, obviously, and am going to base my article on this: Muse - sell-outs or merely basking in their new-found fame?


    I would really appreciate it if any of my fellow Musers would take the time to answer a questions ( which are included below), and also offer their own views on this subject.


    Thanks in advance.:)


    1. How long have you been a fan of Muse?

    2. Did you discover Muse through the Twilight franchise?

    3. Do you think Muse were better musically in the Showbiz era, Origin Of Symmetry era, Absolution era, BH&R era or The Resistance era?

    4. Do you believe that Muse are indeed selling-out?

  7. Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 and City Of Delusion were played back to back on some antique/building programme last night. It was the early hours of the morning, so I'm not really sure what the programme was actually about. All I remember is hearing the instrumentals to Redemption and CoE, and exclaiming: "It's Muse! They're playing Muse! How DARE they play Muse?!" My mum wasn't exactly impressed with my behaviour, though that may partly be because I was humming along to the music. Whilst she was trying to listen to something else. Around 3 in the morning. When everyone else was asleep.

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