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    frustrated rock star parading as a mildly nutty graduate student of english
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    grad school hell
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    music-- singing, playing guitar, listening
    reading--mostly contemporary anglophone fictional texts
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    Beatles, Radiohead, Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the ting tings, any good soca band... tons more i suppose
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    the graduate, shaun of the dead, labarynth, the man who fell to earth, the lunatic, princess bride, pan's labarynth, raise the red lantern, watchmen, burn after reading...
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    family guy, simpsons, heroes, house (laurie's book is hilarious)
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    palace of the peacock, lonely londoners, dragon can't dance, lucky jim, lord of the rings trilogy, the prydain series, the dark is rising series, my once upon a time, the arrivants, hullaballoo in the guava orchard, a mercy... difficult question for a lit major
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    showbiz, origin of symetry, absolution, hullaballoo soundtrack, black holes and revelations, hysteria single, sing for absolution ep, time is running out single
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    only once... sigh
    in the 930 club in DC in 2005(?)
  1. i wrote a little sci fi yarn based on the album... but it's aparently too long to post here. I have posted it on facebook though... I still think a rock opera based on the album could work! it would be awesome!!! if you wanna read the story look for me on facebook: kela nnarka francis it's in my notes called waking...
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