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  1. Hey thanks for the add!!! :D x oo your'e a Musician?? What can you play?? ;) xx

  2. Yeeah I made a film for a local Film Festival and I came 1st... and won £200! hopin to put it in youtube soon! x

  3. Awesome! lol making £200 for a mess about film isnt that bad... who knows perhaps theres a career in it?? What do you do? x

  4. Im a media student and I love making films lol! Er not 2 confident with editing coz I only know how to use an Apple I-mac to edit

  5. Tell me bout it! Its sooo hard haaving all these cool ideas but no money or decent actors :(! I even made my own production companies though (at a small price) MCD Productions and the other Labyrinth Industries lol! Its how I fund my films x

  6. Hello I just wanted to say happy birthday although it's a bit late! I was at the Muse gigs in Teignmouth! It was my birthday on the Friday so it's fair to say I had a good time! Did you attend these gigs?

  7. Hey did you have a cool Halloween?? x

  8. Well being that I live in the UK, you would assume I could have seen them by now...sadly not. All the UK dates sold out in a couple of Hours, I was lucky to get a ticket to see Muse in Lisbon, Portugal!

  9. Er by what do you meanwhat did i use lol?? x

  10. Mmm I doubt Muse will be playing many festivals until they finish their album first! I hear rumours that they might go classical!

  11. I 'bought' the rights to my company names on sum american site lol! I make a wide variety of films heres a taster:

    Year Movie Role

    2007 An Interview with Davis Director

    2007 Sunset Boulevard (remake) Director, “Joe”

    2007 Film Noir Director

    2007 Walrus Man Director, “Sam”

    2007-08 I'm Pregnant Director, "pregnant man"

    I have a filmography that I'm trying to upload lol, all my fils are...different! x

  12. Lol sounds like a song they might do! I'm thinking a mix of B&H and maybe /deadstar! :) Dreams of Muse are good! Can't wait for their new album!! xx

  13. Hey whats this I hear about you being a massive Muse Fan?? I myself would love to interview them as well for my media company... IT WOULD BE A LIFELONG DREAM FULFILLED!!! I'm planning on visiting Exeter Uni on there next open day!

  14. Hey thanks for the friend invite & good luck in your quest for a muse interview! :p

  15. Hey Im new(ish)! Your profile rocks seriously, You into movies I see lol! x

  16. Hey I saw my old film which won the Film Festival... good it looks aweful now lol! I love making movies though lo! x

  17. I hope they do play more gigs in the south of England! I think that there is no where near enough UK dates!

  18. Hiya! hows things lately?? :p

  19. Cool! Whats it about this film of yours?? :p How you been since we last spoke?? x

  20. Hey Alicia hows things again?? I finally managed to enjoy the RAH DVD... FINALLY!!! xx

  21. Hello I'm new!!! What's your fav Muse track at the min?? I love Placebo... Bitter end is my fav!!! xx

  22. Hey man it's been a very very long time! How are you? My exams are nearly finished then the freedom begins! :D You got tickets for the muse tour?

  23. Did you have an awesome christmas and get cool presents?? x

  24. I have decided now that this year is my chsnce to see muse so I will travel round europe in a bid to see them for the first time ever!

  25. I have had no luck in my quest to interview Muse lol! How bout you then??

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