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  1. "Yeah, and burn

    You will burn

    You will burn in hell

    Yeah, you'll burn in hell

    You'll burn in hell

    Yeah, you'll burn in hell

    You'll burn in hell

    Yeah you'll burn in hell for your sins"


    Take a hint From Take A Bow, Twilight you'll burn in hell for your crimes against the earth!

  2. Erm I thought about initially picking the rarest songs from each album (such as Hate This or Screenager) but at the time of writing this I had other ideas!


    Showbiz: Falling Down

    Origin of Symmetry: Headup riff + Newborn + ashamed outro (pipped PiB with all the extra riffage)

    Hullabaloo: Dead Star

    Absolution: Hysteria

    Black Holes and Revelations: Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia Outro (V festival version)

    B-side: The Groove


    Any MUSE song tbh would e utterly amazing live!!!

  3. This album is really cool because it was where they started to change the face of the UK music scene! This was actually the second album I bought (OoS was first) because I could never get hold of a copy where I live :( Great variation to their music though :D

  4. I started learning the guitar a year ago just for Muse songs... there is nothing better than being able to play your favourite Muse songs. PiB took the longest to master and now I want to learn the b sides and oldies!

  5. How can people say that Invincible is a bad song or one of Muse's worst?? Also comparing it to a coldplay song is beyond an insult! They simply cannot match the grandeur of Muse no matter how hard they try. If people question the quality of the song then perhaps they should check out Muse's Phenom

    enal live spectacle of a show at Wembley Stadium on the HAARP DVD. Invincible was an absolute belter and as for the solo... don't even get me started!!!DSCF3842.jpg.51920bc6ef8e8365616c35ad278c6082.jpg

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