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    somewhere in 2003/2004

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  1. hopefully cardiff dunno yet i think i gotta get steroephonics gig outta the way first then start planning my next one :LOL:

  2. Sorry, I didn't check here before the tour :( Sorry I would say hmmm I dunno actually I had to go to London and leister to see them :) was brill... sorry are you doing any arena dates

  3. Heya Charlie was wondering you know the kaiser's small venues tour would you happen to know which ones closest to wales ? coz im shit at geography and none of them seem even remotly close :S or isi just me ?

  4. Pornogenic Matt sounds good to me :p

  5. Yay.... hmmmm ponographic Matt how could that be bad

  6. drop by if ya get the chance i'l introduce ya to everyone its not quite the same as the Kaiser's board here speaking of which YEY NEW ALBUM !!!!!!! next year i must finally see them :yesey: in ma im a chiefette top :D

  7. I din't want to cause an arguement. But honsetly they only play massive venues really hard to get to and far away from teignmouth and Torbay. Trust me I've lived there for 13 years I know the area. Theres Powderham westpoint 2 massive theatres a giant green and beach and tonnes of other large venues.
  8. Pornogenic Matt Thread xD its not as bad as it sounds i swear :LOL:

  9. seeing my PE teacher on it. i can't help but laugh
  10. Im Doing great thankies :D i is in the PMT alot xD

  11. yeah I only just signed up :) I <3 Muse you know that

  12. OK, this may seem really random. But, I reckon Muse should do a homecoming gig near Teignmouth I'm not just saying this cos' I live near Teignmouth, but I seriously don't think bands recognize that the Southwest Exists and as Muse come from there I found it convenient to say this. Also, the Southwest Rocks and I think all the Muse fans hear never get see them live cos' they never come down here. I have to pay thousands to travel far, I recently bought tickets for Kaiser Chiefs at The Eden Sessions and byt the end of that it costed £400 - and I only live 60 miles from St Austell. So Please Muse come home
  13. I only just signed up LOL :D I'm good you

  14. Heya Charlie :D :D :D didnt know you were on here tis sarah howz ya ?

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