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  1. I'm betting for something of a hybrid between the Pyramid and the stadium stages, something like the usual pyramid, with the roulette, but with the back open (for the 360° view), and a b-stage for the other songs(fuck yeah unintended!) and some room for Charles... Might sound too special, but then again, they are doing 4 shows in a row
  2. My bad, I forgot too, haha. Yeah! that's why I was doubting, Matt had confirmed before that "mexico will definetly meet Charles" and now this map shows up on ticketmaster: It has the b-stage, which (i think) none of the previous Pyramid stages had before
  3. cierto, habia olvidado ese escenario , pero bueno, mi punto es que se me hace un..:"downgrade" innecesario, el escenario no me importa, pero muero por el setlist largo (UNINTENDED!)
  4. Hubo gira de estadio para el tour de Resistance? donde no usaran las torres? y tocaron mas canciones? Porque yo considero al foro sol un estadio y aun asi fue el mismo setlist para todo el mundo :S
  5. Y que tiene? Igual pueden tocar mas en el escenario de la piramide, con luces genericas y asi...
  6. I'm gonna be so fucking mad and extremely dissapointed if we don't get the stadium setlist, I don't care if Unintended doesn't fit the stage, probably no one does.
  7. Since this is an arena gig (not stadium) means we'll probably get the Pyramid stage right?... But will we get the short setlist too?
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