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  1. Have a big birthday coming up and am thinking of a signed muse guitar but want to be sure its genuine.is there anywhere i can buy a signed guitar i can be certain is genuine?
  2. Finally arrived today after over 50 days. Well chuft all is forgiven would have been much easier to have bought the right size at the gig in the first place:-)
  3. Still no reply:-( signed in and checked "my orders". Described as being processed. Its 50 days since i ordered and was billed. Not good enough! If i was a girl i could change 3 sizes in 50 days lol
  4. have just emailed them for a third time.Been waiting 44 days now.Hope they get my Wembley tickets to me on time:$
  5. Ordered a hoodie on first day of sale over a month ago. Still not arrived and they havent even replied to my email. Anyone else had problems?
  6. Ok so no takers. Does anybody know if its still possible to just buy a tour hoodie? Thanks
  7. i went to the o2 in november and bought a black tour hoodie with the dates on the back.for some reason i bought a large which is way to big.Anybody interested in exchanging for a medium? muse be the one with the tour dates on. cheers
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