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    Playful, bubbly, love animals to death and can be damn fierce when moody or angry
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    Muse, reading, swimming, music and computer games
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    Bands you are interested in, no need to put Muse ;)
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    uhh.... Muse? =P
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    Adventure, Thriller, Romance, Mystery
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    All of it except Absolution DVD
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    The one and only one concert that Muse have ever did in Malaysia so far ^ ^

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  1. haha, i have your address too ya know :LOL:

    i'll make sure to drop by if i ever visit malaysia ;)

    btw at least i'll have enough time when school's over :) that's in two months :LOL:

    tho i will be working then... gah, i have no free time for months ahead! :LOL:

    you still haven't told me who are those guys in your signature :p and i guessed 2 and a half of them :LOL:

    btw, since you have shannon leto in your sig, does that mean you like 30 seconds to mars? cuz they have an upcoming album and tour like muse ^^

    anywho, speak to ya later :)

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