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    I'm Gary and I like cuddles
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    In SertCreativeNameHere, see what I did there?
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    Radiohead, Keane, Kaiser Cheifs, The Killers, Air Traffic, Artic Monkeys, The Automatic, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, Coldplay, Embrace, Feeder, The Feeling, RATM, Razorlight, Snow Patrol, Portishead, U2, Oasis, Nirvana and theres nothing wrong with a bit of Jimmy Blunt.
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    Jurrasic Park, Jaws basically anything where giant creatures eat people.
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    Lost, Prison Break, Coronation Street (yes really lol), The Apprentice.
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    All Harry Potter books, and anything about the universe planets or space, i love anything like that.
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    Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Hullabaloo CD and DVD, Absolution CD and DVD, Black Holes and Revalations. HAARP.
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    4/11/09 Sheffield Arena

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  1. lol hee hee! well at least u get money to buy better golf stuff! and alcohol! yaaaaaay! i was well pissed at the weekend.. oooo and the last one. lol :happy::)

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