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  1. That's why I love this band! Well it's one of the reasons! And about the crowd... I was in the front.. about 2m from the barrier.. and people were craaaazyyy (so was I) A lot of screeching, shouting, singing, hands, clapping. My hands were up almost the whole time (sorry people in the back... you had to see the show through my hands ). My second time also... it was amazing. Please come again, MUSE!
  2. Can't! I think I have to take a bank loan to do so! (there are a lot of fans in Estonia who really REALLY wanted to see MUSE live but don't have the funds/money to do so.. I'm happy to have this one tix) Compared to our wages those gig tickets are expensive! (no wonder soo many Estonians have fled to Finland! Higher wages.. more opportunities and so on... there are quite many peeps coming from Finland to Estonia to see the show )
  3. Hooly s**t! I did not know that! (even if it's fixed... it's a cool idea) This looks fun! But if I want to hear both songs?
  4. Arrggg... I hope they play Map of the Problematique (AWESOME LIVE) But there a two sets (or even more) of setlists... one setlist has the song... the other one does not . 1. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 2. Supremacy 3. Interlude (or the other setlist has Host) 4. Hysteria (or the other setlist has Map...) 5. Panic Station 6. Resistance 7. Supermassive Black Hole 8. Animals 9. Monty Jam 10.Explorers 11. Sunburn (or the other setlist has Falling Down) 12. Time Is Running Out 13. Liquid State 14. Madness 15. Follow Me 16. Undisclosed Desires 17. Plug In Baby (the UK setlists have 23 songs and Stockholm Syndrome is added but this is missing) 18. New Born (Headup riff outro) Encore: The 2nd Law: Isolated System 19. Uprising 20. Survival Encore 2: 21. Starlight 22. Knights of Cydonia (Man with a Harmonica intro) Jupp.. getting a bit excited... I hope we get 22 songs!!!
  5. Someone already replied to you... From the harbour with a taxi.. it's about 8,7-11,9 km (I dunno which route the driver will take). I took a random taxi company... (Tallinna Takso) and it's starting fee is 3,6€ and per km 0,69€ (daytime). Soo if I calculated correctly... 9,6-11,8€ should be a one-way trip to the arena from the port (Reisisadam D-terminal).. For public transport... look at some previous posts! http://www.taksod.net/taksohinnad (the first price is daytime per km fee and the second one is starting fee). Dunno about the cheaper ones... if they are reliable or not.. but Sõbra Takso is quite ok.
  6. Exactly! Hoping for the best! Same to Helsinki gig!!! And Swedish fans :'( There are still tix here for sale... COME HERE!!! (If they will not cancel the gig... ) Speedy recovery, !!!!
  7. Soo the doors open at 18:00 and people are planning to go there at 16:00?? Damn I hate waiting (I'm usually a loner.. I don't have friends who listen to Muse or any other bands that I listen to... hmm I might have wrong friends then? ). Last gig I went to was White Lies and went there 30-45 min after the doors opened. The first row was taken but I got to the second row and the middle. WAS VERY PLEASED! But the waiting was booooring... and I was inside... it was warm... But still it was booring. There should be like a waiting-for-the-gig-to-start-game or something! To keep people entertained! Sooo if you see a loner coming towards Saku Suurhall and I might start talking to you guys... don't be spooked... it's just me
  8. Aah yes! I totally forgot about that! I forgot that it's summer! (the weather has not been that summer-ish here lately! )
  9. Yes. You are right. 1-day-ticket costs 3€ (you can use the bus, trolley and tram!). 1-hour-ticket is 1.20€ (same.. can use 3 public transports). There are cheap hostels in Tallinn! But they are quite far from Saku Arena. And yes... the public transport goes everywhere! Sooo the hotel/hostel/guest house does not have to be near the Arena! BUT... I have no idea when the gig will end! I have been to a gig there.. I took the last trolley back home! Because the gig ended like 23:... something... and I had to wait in the queue to get my coat. The trolley-stop (Haabersti) is practically in front of the Arena... (goes to the center! where usually the hotels are ) http://soiduplaan.tallinn.ee/#trol/6/a-b/00701-1/map/en you can see that the last trolley leaves 23:38.
  10. Hi! I would help... but dunno how :S. You select the tickets and choose your bank.. (or whatever way you want to pay). You log in to your bank and it shows you the sum you have to pay and for what it is. I'm sorry... Maybe someone else can help???
  11. Hi! I found an hotel near the Saku Arena (about 570 meters from the arena). http://roccahotels.ee/en The prices start at 58€ (I have no idea what the prices are at the other places!!! It's a pricey place I think :S) There are many other hotels.. but not near the Arena!
  12. LÕPUKS! Pilet on kindlalt taskus (errm mitte veel, pole jõudnud seda veel printida!) Loodan tõesti, et sound-tech on neil tasemel
  13. Hahahaa.. thank you! And FINALLY they found Estonia! Ouuu and I was talking about the merch not the gig (being sold out! ) I was in Helsinkin Jäähalli. MUSE gig. And I wanted a shirt there... they were like.. nope sold out.. then I wanted a belt... nope sold out... then I asked for a bag... nope sold out... then I was like... what do you still have left. (because they had the samples on the stand still!!!). And I saw two places that sold stuff! And I went to those two places. Soo I got a white (quite see-through) tank top.
  14. I usually buy merch after the gig. But in MUSE case and in Finland I bought the stuff before the gig and basically everything was sold out! BEFORE THE GIG! I have no idea what's gonna happen here in Estonia. I guess... you can always ask the people who sell the merch.. if they stick around after the gig or not.
  15. Yeah! It's been ok! It depends where you are. Got a friend who had a sitting ticket and listened to Depeche Mode.. said that the sound was horrible! I was at the other end and it was perfect! Then there was Alice Cooper... that was horrible.. Soo many people left during that. (but the warm up acts and other main bands that night were perfect)... I dunno.. my friend told me that it depends on the sound-man . I guess I have to believe him!
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