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    I was born and someday will die
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    Near Los Angeles
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    Reading, snowboarding, doing stuff. The geekier and nerdier the better!
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    Working hard while having fun
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    Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, Hard n' Phirm...GOOGLE THEM!!! They are on the youtubes!
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    Too many to list
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    Reaper, Doctor Who, Myth Busters, Simpsons, Scrubs, The Office, Heroes...
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    Anything by Robert Jordan and Neil Gaiman, historical and science books
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    The Forum in Los Angeles, Orem Utah, Irvine California, San Diego Street Scene, Almost Acoustic Xmas 2007, Las Vegas 2009, AAXmas 2009, Anaheim 2010!!!!
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  1. your sig = the most amazing sig i've seen in a while :chuckle:

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