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  1. Happy Birthday! :party:

  2. I had a lot of fun at the gig, but like many, I would have preferred a higher energy setlist. The set Rage played may have been a bit predictable, but the energy they gave off was just INTENSE! The GA audience only paused their moshing long enough to catch their breath! I had hoped Muse would incite a similar response in the audience and maintain it, like Rage did. I also think that it is in the best interest of Muse to play some stuff from Showbiz and OoS. For example, I attended my first Muse gig in 2007, kind of on a whim. I liked their music but hadn't really paid them much attention. I was blown away by their performance, and also completely surprised to hear several songs that were unfamiliar to me! I had never heard Sunburn, Citizen Erased, or Plug in Baby before! I researched them online, found THIS forum and realized that Muse had no less than 3 other albums I had never heard of! At the time, I couldn't find Showbiz in any record store, and I had to buy it online. Point of story: If Muse played more oldies-but-goodies, they might turn some people who kind of like their music into borderline obsessive fans, like us, that will hunt down their older work! Musers will be happier and they will gain more big fans. It's WIN-WIN!
  3. I agree with this. I was seated to the right of the stage and it seemed like the sound was just completely off. You could barely hear her over the music. I actually heard her ask the guys to fix it, more than once. Muse was a lot of fun, although I had also hoped that they would keep the energy up continuously the way Rage managed to. I attended with no less than six "Muse Virgins". They were there primarily to see Rage, but ALL agreed that Muse stole the show. One of my friends said, "They are the best live act I have seen in my life!"
  4. I brought along 6 Muse "virgins" and they all thought Muse was the best act of the night. All but 2 were there to see Rage. I also hoped to hear some more OoS, but had a lot of fun. My friends were impressed, and hope to see more of Muse in the future. My work here is done.
  5. Hey all! One of my friends bailed on me and I now have a GA Floor ticket I need to unload. I am offering it at face value plus the ticket master fees for a total of $115. This is the total I paid. I know it is a longshot, but thought I would ask. You would have to pick up the ticket in La Puente, or near there. PM me if interested.
  6. Are you coming to L.A. Cris? It would be nice to see you again! I am going to this gig, along with my not-so-little brother and 5 work buddies. All of them are Muse virgins!
  7. This will be my 8th Muse gig, but 4 friends and my not-so-little brother will be seeing them live for the first time! I can't wait! This should be an amazing gig! I really hope Muse pulls out the big ROCK guns and blows the crowd away!
  8. Hey all! I have 2 GA Floor tix, but I really need 3 seated tix. Anyone willing to trade? I would obviously pay face value for the 3rd ticket. I wanted to ask here before I posted the offer on the buy/sell/trade thread. I also want to make sure the seats are halfway decent. PM me if interested! Thanks!
  9. someone else who loves Sheldon! :O



  10. Hey All! I will not be able to make it to the Honda Center on 09/23/10 so I now have 2 GA Floor tix I need to get rid of. I am asking $154.00, which is what I paid. They are hard tickets. PM me if any of you are interested! Have fun at the gig without me!
  11. your sig = the most amazing sig i've seen in a while :chuckle:

  12. It is difficult to say as the last time Muse was on tour in the area was 2007 and it took several days for the Verizon Wireless to sell out. Staples is bigger, but Muse has never been more popular. If you can't find someone to buy the tickets for you, you will likely be stuck with nosebleeds or nothing at all. However, you may get lucky and find some decent seats that have been returned to the queue due to bad credit card transactions.
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