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    Lilly, the one and only.
  • Birthday 12/30/1991

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    [Brasseye]: When I die, I want you to embalm me.
    [Brasseye]: If I could from this distance, i'd slap your face with my penis. (17.3.2010)
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    Music, travelling, music, being lazy, music, drawing and music!
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    Requiem For A Dream (But well, what means enjoy...), Memento, The Godfather, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. & Mrs Smith, Pay It Forward, The Invention Of Lying, As Good As It Gets, Wolf, Rent, Chicago, Cabaret, What The Bleep Do We Know
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    How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, House MD, The Big Bang Theory, Lie To Me and my reflection.
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    Science fiction, basically every kind of book that makes me think about it.

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  1. Hey again, what have you been upto these days?

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