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  1. Any idea if this will be assigned seating or first come. Because I'm willing to get there early if I can get front and center.
  2. Got the call from Kroq, will call will be from 2:30-3:30. Event starts at 3, ends at 10. Muse performs at 4. It's dress to impress attire.
  3. Been trying since they announced it, today at 1pm sharp i dialed ( the muse commercial aired a couple seconds later), got a busy signal, called immediately back and it went straight through to Nicole Alvarez. I was beside myself. Couldn't even talk! I'm so hoping for at least an hour performance, not just a couple songs.
  4. Sorry Had to make a thread. I just won tickets for this!!!! I'm in disbelief! Venue limited to 180 people. Any guesses to how long the performance will be? Hope some more muser's here get to go.
  5. what an awful week. I've had terrible luck with trying to get ga tix. First time unsuccessful.
  6. Sorry if this has already been brought up, but does anyone know a parking lot in the area that is going to definitely be open all day, for a flat fee, i plan on going in the early morning.
  7. I was wondering this, since i have yet to receive mine as well. By now i would have gotten them if it was ticketmaster or live nation. But i guess they're just slow sending them out. I wouldn't be worried.
  8. Luckily timed it right and snagged a pair instantly at 10. I knew i had to get it now, its nearly impossible to score tickets with Kroqs presale, being that there is no ticket limit. I think everyone's best shot will be on saturday. But i wish luck to all of you who couldn't get any.
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