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  1. I can't believe this thread has gone this long! I slowed down on my checking in. How is everyone?
  2. Oooooooh! How was it? I have kids & pinkeye, so I wouldn't have been able to make it either way.
  3. Oh, yes. It's up north by Utah, I think. It's where the fundamentalist Mormons live. I just looked. It's literally right next to the AZ/UT border. Good times.
  4. If you move the Bellamy Farm to Colorado City, AZ, you'll have to dress badly and have bad hair. All the time. And no makeup. You know, it's a wonder they have so many babies up there. I'm finding that I'm just not a very nice person.
  5. I do need some bad guys. And what American girl doesn't find a British accent super sexy? Not this one! By that, I mean I do. Blah. I have pink eye. I'm blaming all my weirdness on that.
  6. Only if you can kick serious ass! The only reason I haven't been more serious with the whole writing-down aspect of things is because I'm not sure of some legalities. It's an idea that exists, but the ownership has gone through a number of hands. A trademark sort of thing. Cryptic? Yes! But it's mine mine mine! Except that it's kind of not. I have access to a trademark/copyright attorney but he's bloody expensive! It takes place in the future (fuuuuuuuture), the 2050s, with lots of coolness. There are tons of club scenes & gun fights & fast cars, and probably boobies. Guys like boobies & gun fights & fast cars, right?
  7. Ha ha! I've had a screenplay in my head for a while now. I've had the ultimate goal of having Muse do the score & be the main band in the club. Why, yes I will write a movie just so I can hang with the lads!
  8. Prank calls amuse me more than anything. There's just no end to what gets people going. It's a weird psychological experiment that I really should have started taking notes on a long time ago. My husband works/worked in mortgages. I know exactly what you mean. Are loan officers in the UK as hopped up on coke as the ones out here tend to be? And yay Muse! 1 week and 1 day ago!
  9. Ok. I think you were to the left of me at the beginning. After the bands went on the audience was like the universe: it's a part of us and we're all a part of it. I think I'm getting a bit too deep today. On a side note, I got my first prank phone call at work today. And to be official, no, I do not like getting it in the booty.
  10. I think I might remember you. The show ended up like some bizarre one-night-stand sort of thing -- get physically close to a bunch of people that you'll never see again.
  11. Are you the one with the glasses? i was two people behind you. i was behind the short big guy with the dreads.
  12. I really appreciate that Juliette Lewis has the desire to "rock," however her lyrics are terrible and the music is mediocre. The two girls forced their way laterally through the crowd, and kept asking one guy if they could get in front of him "just for the last song" because they love JL so much. When he said no, I just wanted to hug him. and when they asked him again and he kept to his guns, I wanted to applaud him.
  13. that wouldn't happen to be the girl with the curly hair & hat and her friend? Going nuts during *gag* Juliette Lewis? if so, I have some choice words about them. Unless they're on the forum, in which case I'll bite my tongue.
  14. I want to go. My group is getting a booth at the Comic Con (one of the groups putting on the Zombie Walk), so if not me, then a diplomat!
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