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    It's okay despite the fact the melodies are a bit undercooked. theres way better b-sides, acoustic guitar is cool tho.
  2. The Tom Waits-y percusion is makes it so cool, and the chorus has amazing falsetto. People don't like it because it dosn't use conventional major/minor tonality and it turns lots of pop fans off. What is it, harmonic minor or something? I havn't bothered to figure it out or anything. meh. if you wanna hear musical boundaries get pushed muse is hardly the band to do it. hearing the boundaries of popular-rock getting pushed? sure. but music in general? nah.
  3. um, you can go out of time, or hit keys poorly, or execute poor technique. or I guess if there was an obvious key or melody in it, and it sounds like he hit a bum note that was out of place, those would be mistakes.
  4. It dosn't sound like that much thought was given to the structure tbh, it's more of an improv. Improv skill, sure, but as a piece it's not that well thought out or anything.
  5. Theres something very wrong with 24 Muse fans. I didn't think it was the most amazing song, I used to love everything except the chorus, which I felt was just too big with all the high harmonies and didn't like how it was done. However, I went to Amsterdam, got stoned, put the track on, and it blew me away. I could see the fucking harmonies intersecting in that section it was so fucking awesome, and the riff. It was amazing.
  6. Citizen Erased and Stockholm Syndrome are my two. I couldn't really narrow it down further.
  7. Matt says "Give me the peace, and joy THATS in your mind" live, as opposed to "Give me the peace and joy in your mind" like on the album. Discuss!
  8. Exit Music (for a film) by Radiohead is my most played track on iTunes at 79 times on this computer at home. The most played Muse track is only Map of the Problematique at 37. I listen to music in so many places it's not necesserally a fair representation, it's just what i've listened to while sat at this computer within the last... um, 2 years? Other places are my computer at Uni, my mp3 player, CD players, cars, etc. etc. No Muse is in my top 25 most played on here, oddly.
  9. Invincible is clearly not recommended for Muse fans with short attention spans, or children with ADHD. (One and the same?) Unintended is a fuckin' awesome song, btw, I never used to like it all that much, but the live version they're playing lately is so so good, got rid the cheesy little riff at the begining and made it classy like it should be.
  10. Showbiz is clearly overrated if that elimination thread is anything to go by. Totally mediocre Muse track. I can't really say that Knights of Citizen are overrated, they're both great songs, and people generally think they're great songs, how does that make them overrated? Apocalypse Please is a great Muse track, even better live, obviously. It's the epitome of their over the top piano sound, along with Space Dementia. I do think Time is Running out is overrated, mostly because it was their biggest hit for a while, and it's really quite an average track, I wouldn't mind if they dropped it from setlists or anything, you know, yet they can't because of the commercial success it got. Surely it has their most "generic" melodies and harmonic structures, it's basically a pop song, I do think the track is severely underrated on these forums though. It's a good track defiantely, and the vocal performance on the album is killer. So raw at the end, awesome. Some people are just really close minded.
  11. Why would anyone actually bother to rate interluede and intro? Theres like a massive obsession with those tracks on these forums for jokes and stuff, but like seriously, they're not songs!
  12. Uh, the albums 8 years old now. I think the "significance" of it has had time to sink in. It's Muses weakest album, no doubt. It's basically their first two EP's just thrown together with a couple of extra songs. It has a handful of great songs that they could still play live now and it would be awesome, but the rest is just so average. Origin is one of those albums that critics will probably look back to and say its a masterpeice in ten or twenty years time. Maybe not though. Regardless, Showbiz is Muse's weakest.
  13. Grace. OK Computer The Bends Origin of Symmetry De-loused in the Comatorium
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