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  1. Fantastic! Another muse cartoon!! :D Thank you Mara
  2. I am so glad to read that ! *claps* good decision. I am waiting eagerly for your next drawings
  3. Wow!! It was awesome! Great work Mara!
  4. Hello Strawberry_Juice, just discovered your cartoony thread, and I love it!!! For the moment I have read until page 12 of the thread so very old stuff, I don't know if what is just above still belongs to the same story. But about the first pages I read, the story is very funny and all the little Dom, Chris and Matt are absolutely cute . Wow, I nearly feel like trying to draw a little bit! Keep up the good work!! It is amazing!
  5. Muscle Museum on the radio. I remember that at a party in June 2000, when this song came on, everybody began singing it around a massive bonefire, it was really a cool moment. ah, nostalgia!
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