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    I'm probably going to sell my Wembley ticket now. Until their setlists get good again there's really nothing for me to see anymore.




    I've been debating selling mine once they arrive, I really enjoyed watching the Glasto show (from the comfort of my bedroom) but it was the same old thing and when they choose to play stuff like Guiding Light it makes me think they've lost the plot, I didn't enjoy the U2 thing either. I think I just need a break from them.

  2. have you ever losed lovers? i have and i understand how Matt felt while writing the song.

    simplicity and such phrases 'love is forever' can be enough to make people realize you value them. why to complicate things?

    still, it's my personal point.


    I'm 30 so yes I have but it still doesn't make me like this song, I do like haunting ballads about broken hearts etc but it has to be done in the right way.

  3. Oh, Muse... I don't even know what to think about you anymore. I thought it was dreadful, and I'm about as hardcore a fangirl as one can be (and once stated that while I understand that while those influenced by Muse could do wrong *cough*StephanieMeyer*cough*, Muse could do no wrong). This was rubbish. Cheesy lyrics, and a song that, were it on an album, I'd probably skip it every time it came up. I feel bad saying it, but I am really not liking the road my favoritest band is headed down...


    I feel the same, I was hoping muse were going down an experimental road, it's not like I want them to rework old albums but and I have nothing against good commerical pop music but stuff like this just leaves me bored.

  4. White Lies are boring. Most the bands chosen on the poll are as well. I hope none of them are support. Even if Biffy Clyro played they'd just be playing new stuff which isn't as good. I'd like Muse to try something a bit more ambitious, and get a band that in no way can be classified as Indie


    This, I can't stand indie :(

  5. Why everyone says Lady Gaga????:mad:


    Her music is boring and she should support Britney Spears and singers like that, not MUSE for Christ sake. A pop singer supporting a Progressive rock band? WTF? Seriously:rolleyes:

    I want guitar music, not something else that is not this genre.


    She has a rock band backing her up when she plays live......maybe you should lighten up ;)

  6. Resistance is actually a really, really intense song. Just listen to the drums, the bassline, just listen to the mood of it. It's not some pop song. It might not be heavy either but it is intense and deserves it's own single release. If you want a video to MK Ultra etc then go make one and watch it as many times as you wish.


    I think you are confused, I like the song I just don't think the video is fitting.

  7. True, so true...it's really weird :eek:

    The camera seem to like them:p but obviously someone is having a bit of a hard time chosing the right projects :LOL:


    Indeed, they need to sack whoever chooses what to do for videos or they could end up with this huge back catalogue of crap :LOL:


    Yes Bliss was good and Time is Running Out.

  8. Aren't live videos generally compiled from lots of bits of songs though? If they hadn't added bits of other songs there would be no lasers' date=' no balloons etc. At least this way the viewer gets more of an idea of the whole Muse live experience.[/quote']


    True but I think live videos are a cop out to be honest, if you're going to do a live video it should be for a song where everyone's going crazy, like something heavy which this song isn't.

  9. :LOL: She's Matt's favourite artist of the moment. Thats why she's mentioned A LOT.


    I had the album before Matt even mentioned her, to be honest I think Matt was having a laugh.


    Anyway she's worked with Marilyn Manson and has a proper band she plays with live so I wouldn't describe her as a typical mtv pop princess, she looks more like a drag queen to me :D

  10. So I bought this song today on Itunes (released today) and I think it's amazing. His voice is really good, the production is unbelievable, as you would expect from a pop recording. It really empathises how much of a great song writer Bellamy is. He should hand more of his unreleased songs to other artists instead of letting them go unheard. However, I think Soaked is such a good song that it really surprises me that it didn't make BH&R when tunes like Exo-Politics did. Bizarre.


    I agree.

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