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  • Birthday 01/26/1980

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    I can be a miserable git or the life and soul of the party depends what day you catch me on.
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    Art, travel, music, sleeping, dancing around my living room, buying weird toys, snorkeling, playing with my fluffy cats
  • Occupation
    Wildlife Guru
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  • Favourite Bands
    Queens of the Stone Age, Hot Chip, Kosheen, Leftfield, Skream, Goldfrapp, Imelda May, Ladytron, Prodigy, Lab4, Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Prince, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Justin Timberlake, Adam Freeland, Roni Size
  • Favourite Films
    Braindead, Evil Dead, Beetlejuice, Weird Science, Lost Boys, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Planet Terror
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Spaced, Peep Show, Trailer Park Boys, Lost, Shameless, Doctor Who, TrueBlood, The Mighty Boosh, Flight of the Conchords, anything with David Attenborough
  • Favourite Books
    Generally art, photograghy, travel, factual/history, fantasy
  • Muse Releases Owned
    All the albums a few singles and the DVD's
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Shepherds Bush Empire 2006, Cardiff Arena 2006, Wembley Stadium 2007, Royal Albert Hall 2008, Birmingham NIA 2009

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  1. Yeah I think it's shit, what are your thoughts?

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