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  1. Well to be honest i loved the arctic monkeys. They wern't cocky in any way they simply played their set well and alex had a bit of banter with the crowd i really enjoyed it. Of course Muse came on and rocked the shit out of ever other act at leeds but i think some credit should be given to the monkeys aswell. But why oh why did Muse finish their set like that . I thought they were doing a Franz Ferdinand and taking a small break. Anyway it was an amazing set and i can't wait to see them at Newcastle
  2. Balls i should have seen this post before i can play some pretty mean guitar sometimes, already got a guitar thing for new born if anyone was gonna do that. 'Including the piano bit played on guitar.'
  3. Micro Cuts IS a work of genious. Filip is a good CS name.
  4. Same here actually. That would but very much appreciated.
  5. 'In your world' is another amazing song i've jsut rememberd (watching Hullabaloo again) It never gets a mention anywhere but i love it.
  6. Sorry. I would have made a poll but i'm lazy
  7. I wouldn't quite call it under rated.
  8. I personally think The Small Print from Absolution is extremely Under rated. It is an amazing song. Lets hear your views.
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