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  1. I don't think too many people are nostalgic for CDs.


    I am. I think a lot people are too. (especially from my generation that grew up in the 90s) . I don't own a single vinyl, maybe that's why I never appreciated that type of format.


    Speaking of CDs, I hope they release a CD version too and not just vinyl. What I would love though if the package included some posters of that era, I mean who wouldn't want an OOS and red haired Matt poster? That would be a dream.

  2. Eternally Missed.


    They've only played it live twice and that was before it was even recorded. It's a great song, full of ambition, one of they're most powerful tracks. I can't stop listening the live version anyway, "Rusty One"

  3. There's something in this song that's non-existant on that album, Spanish flamenco. And that I think is another reason why I think this song is so special, mystic and maybe more personal to Matt. Abso and RT are the only albums that have no spanish/italian influence.

  4. I really thought this would be another Resistance copy of generic rock-pop but then when I realized the dubstep drop, I thought , yeah this is one to look out for. The arpeggio along with Dom's drumming reminds me to much of KoC. I wish I could hear the arpeggio more clearly, I don't know wether I like it or not, but at least it's back.

  5. I think what makes a very Musey the lack of Queen/ABBA/cheesy influences, for a start.

    Example US, newborn inspired track but the ABBA influence puts you off a bit. It doesn't have heavy cheese that you hear almost on everything from TR. But I'm waiting to hear the trumpets on the studio version, I get the feeling it might work extremely well.


    Yeah they should defiantly keep the guitar solo!

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