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  1. Yeah, that's what i'm planning ! But that's not the problem... The problems are that some wires are unsoldered and i don't know at all where they were soldered before...
  2. Hi ! I'm including my Zvex FF into my guitar... While i was making tests, some wires have ben unsoldered (sry for my english ) and as i'm an electronic noob, i hope that someone could help me wiring my FF as it was before... This is a real fuzz factory, not a replica at all, so if someone could help me or post me a picture that could really help me... I can send a picture if somone could help me but i guess i musn't upload it on the messageboard... The problems are: -only a black wire is connected to the circuit. -One of the jack (output/input ?) has a red wire connected on him but not connected to anything -a red wire from the switch not connected to anything -a red wire connected to the alimentation but not connected to anything -2 green wires from the other jack (output or input) but not connected to anything... If someone could help me, please send me a PM or my msn adress is: soiponchat@hotmail.com that would be really cool... thx very much. Pierre
  3. What kind of neck did u use ? i guess it was ebony... Am i wrong ? And i also wanted to know how did you do the black circle on your bomber around the kill switch ? Thx and sorry for my english
  4. Hi ! Ur pics are still beautifull musecasters... Does someone know where i can find a Tele neck for cheaper as possible please ? Thx Pierre
  5. Yeah but for the moment i have no money and i cant' continue the neck pocket until i haven't buy it ! So (i have my answer for humbucker and P90 sizes ) i already can think about the pickups i am going to buy now ! I'm just a beginner and maybe i'll have to restart my project from zero in a few days !
  6. Hi! For the moment i haven't enough money to buy Rio Grandes but i'd like ton cut the "hole" (don't know the english word) for them in the body. Could someone say me what size and form i have to make please ? Edit: i'm also hesitating with: Kent Armstrong Motherbucker + Duncan Hot P90.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What would u do ?
  7. merci nico ! Oui je me fais un peu peur sur les arrondis là j'ai peur d'en faire un peu trop :o) mais bon je verrai bien, cet aprem je vais essayer de bien égaliser les arrondis et les arretes... T'en es où toi ? Tu pourrais m'envoyer qq photos si ça t'ennuies pas ? merki
  8. ok thx for ur answer and all ur help in the differents threads
  9. Hi ! I'm trying to create a bomber replica too, by myself. If someone is interested, you can see my project here: http://soip.spaces.live.com/ (sry it's french but you can have a look to the pics) I'm a beginner and i have really no claim at all :o) I think i'll learn more with my errors ! If you'd like to post comments, do not hesitate ! See u Thx PS: i have also a question for musecasters and others: do u think that this product is good for chroming: http://www.alsacorp.com/products/mirrachrome/mirra_prodinfo.htm ??? (sry for my poor english ;o) )
  10. i was just saying that i won't be on the hub for some weeks and persons who have current dls on me will be able to finish them on June! See ya Soip
  11. Hello everybody... Just to give u some news... Pour ceux que ça interresse et qui ont des dls en cours chez moi, je reviens le week end du 18 février... Bises pikette ++ Soip Cheers
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