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  1. Hi there, I know that this post should really be in "the selling thread", but it is relevant to this topic so I hope people don't mind. I'm selling my Fuzz Factory if anyone is interested... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ZVex-Fuzz-Factory-Effects-Pedal-Mint-Condition_W0QQitemZ7360723100QQcategoryZ22669QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Bizarrely enough it didn't sell first time around ! Thanks, Owain
  2. Nah dude I just work here ! Moving to Bristol on Saturday, so if anyone knows of a decent music store there it would be much appreciated. With regards to the question about sustain, there's a Boss pedal called a Compressor/Sustainer that will do the job. I have one, but I never use it because it makes your guitar go "click click click..."
  3. Until you've actually tried one out you cannot hope to understand the difference it makes. Go into Gamlins on St. Marys Street with your FF and ask to try the GE-7 out.
  4. Isn't it the copper plate from his wah probe ? Anyway, back to the question in hand, after much messing around with my FX chain it seems my preferred order was: guitar >whammy > wah > FF > phaser > delay > EQ > amp The problem with this is that I can't get the FF to feedback properly - now it just rumbles instead of squealing. Is this something to do with the whammy and wah not being true bypass units ? Should I put the FF first in the chain ?
  5. Exactly what Noodles said. You don't have to get an EQ pedal, but I would seriously recommend it. They basically divide the frequency spectrum up into 7 bands, which you can then boost or cut. This means you have a lot of control of the tone of your fuzz. They're not expensive so its a wise investment.
  6. Boss GE-7 is good. Its essential for me personally, coz it lets you complete shape the tone of your fuzz / distortion. I use it slight "scoop" to cut the mids and boost the treble and bass frequencies when I use my FF. Some people probably use it for their clean sounds, too. Alternatively you could set it "flat" and use it as a volume boost. Matt Bellamy and Tom Morello use the DOD EQ stompbox.
  7. On my Marshall 200W valvestate amp I have bass on 12 o'clock, mid on 2 o'clock and treble on 3 o'clock. I then supplement the sound using my wah as a filter set about mid-way, and the boost channel on full gain. To be honest though mate, I don't think you'll ever nail the sound unless you've got a Motherbucker p-up at he bridge, diezel head etc etc...
  8. For the A/C# chord, the bass actually plays E. So play the A chord with a C# bass. Add a bass E as well if you want, like what is tabbed above, it sounds much better that way I recks.
  9. I have a video of them playing it live on MTV2, Matt is defintely playing the A chord with a C# bass. I think it sounds better this way.
  10. I read somewhere that Tom Morrello puts all his effects (although thats not many) through his amplifier effects loop. What advantage (if any) does this have ? I put my effects in series between my guitar and amp, which is guitar-->wah-->FF-->delay-->flanger-->EQ-->amp ...but thats probably wrong anyway !
  11. I've had my FF a week now, and generally speaking I only use settings that don't squeal. However, it occured to me this morning while watching Plug-In Baby on the MTV2 concert that Matt's FF must be feedbacking throughout the song. If it wasn't, how else would he be able to make those crazy pitch-bending noises at the end of the chorus ? I think he only has 2 knobs on his Manson guitars to control the FF, so its unlikely that he would quickly find a feedbacking setting just that those few seconds. I suppose having the FF feedbacking all the time is not a problem providing you're always playing something while it is switched on, but what are everyone elses' thoughts ?
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