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  1. do you remember that total bitch beside you? I heard the strokes was pretty rough, but Buffalo was perfect, there was room enough for my ass to shake around! I recall no pushing except during stockholm.
  2. haha, sounds fun. there was this girl beside me in pumps, wtf? and guys beside me doing lil' jon impressions, very funny at first, then just plain annoying. My first technical concert was at the docks (Not including britney spears, mahahah), and yeah, it wasn't that bad. Haha, all american rejects.
  3. Ahaha, well we got there a bit late, so we were in that spot which alex called 'quite brutal', recall? oh yes, and it was, but oh so much fun. I was soaking wet once it finished. And yes, I'd love photos! I wonder if someone recorded a bootleg like the phoenix show.
  4. nobody posted on the one year anniversary of buffalo! pffft. I'm listening to the bootleg now for the first time in probably over 6 months. I missss them. But get this; I'm going to frequency festival in austria! AHHH!
  5. just a tad... I'm slightly confused though, and refuse to sift through thos damn threads. Are they doing readin/leeds? Because, you know, I might be there this summer...AWKFHALGHLSJKAG.
  6. guys, I have to admit. I'm still on my hiatus. It's been about 4 months since I've listened to muse. Alright, so hysteria's on the radio sometimes, and my iTunes on shuffle, you know, here or there. But compared to before? 4 months. and I caaaaan't wait to go back!
  7. niine months! That's sooo long ago. p.s. guys. I feel bad. I haven't gone and gotten the DVD. I really haven't had the time to search for it, and it wasn't at the HMV at yonge and eglinton. Where do I go? Was it even released here? I couldn't bother with those threads.
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